This quest is not available in game.

Use the Empty Leaden Collection Phial on Irradiated Invaders or Irradiated Pillagers to collect radioactive fallout. Once it is full, take it back to Ozzie Togglevolt in Kharanos.



Since the accident, all Gnoarn thinks about or talks about is cleansing Gnomeregan of the trogg infestation and finding a cure for the sickness that plagues it, <name>.

Luckily, Razzle and I are close to some kind of cure - either that or the recipe for a really powerful rum. We won't know until we test! Naturally, in order to test our theory, we're going to need a few things; namely, fallout from the irradiated troggs in Gnomeregan. Fill up this phial with the green glow and bring it back!


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Level 20