The Meat They'll Eat

Obtain 4 Mushan Shoulder Steaks and 80 Turtle Meat Scraps.




I told you earlier, my pigs are picky eaters. They need to eat meat to grow strong, but they don't like mutton, they don't like yak, and I'm not about to feed them any pig meat.

They do, however, eat meat off of the mushan beasts, and they're also quite partial to turtle. Both creatures can be found in abundance to the west.

My skills as a hunter are admittedly quite weak. Can you help out a young rancher and his pigs?


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Thunderfoot Heavy Cap Sunsong Armored Cap
Paoquan Burnished Cap Huangtze Scale Headguard
Sunsoaked Cap Silkmasters' Satin Cap
Gilded Fan Silk Cap Wild Plains Headguard
Plainshawk Cap

You will also receive:

Level 86