The Great Water Hunt

Guide Mudmug to Swirling Pools within the Gilded Fan, and help him collect 30 pawfuls of Gladewater.

If you become separated from Mudmug, you can find him next to the giant banana in the Gilded Fan.




Look at it, <name>: the Gilded Fan. I heared lots of good things about the water they got here. Lots of bad things, too.

No sayin' what kind of water Chen's gonna be needin', so what say we make him a little sampler platter?

Come on, let's get movin'. We'll go scoop up some water together.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Embrace of Trees Dustback Cloak
Tawnyhide Cape Mudmug's Cloak
Cloak of the Grassy Cline

You will also receive:

Level 86