Into the Wilds

Locate the missing Zhu's Watch Courier in the northern area of the Dojani River, then continue on to the Temple of the Red Crane and speak with Koro Mistwalker.




Deep in the wilds, on the southern coast where the Krasarang River meets the sea, rests the Temple of the Red Crane, home of the great Chi-Ji and his most devout followers.

They should be told of what happened here.

If you're headed that way, I have a favor to ask; We often send supplies to the temple, but our last courier has not returned. Please look for signs of him as you travel - where the road forks at the Dojani River, he'd have gone north. When you reach the temple, find Koro Mistwalker.


You will also receive:

  • 13,010 experience
  • 9 80