Money Matters

Obtain Spicemaster Jin Jao's Payment, Trader Jambeezi's Payment, Innkeeper Lei Lan's Payment, and Lolo Lio's payment.




I love working in the market, although there's one aspect of this job I really dislike: collecting debts.

While most pandaren debts are simply due to laziness, there are a few unsavory characters around town who simply don't want to pay, and there's some who are just too poor.

A few people here in town owe me money. Could you go talk to them, and remind them about what they owe?


You will receive:

Valor Points Lesser Charm of Good Fortune

You will also receive:

  • 236,000 experience
  • 11 40 (or 19 84 50 if completed at level 90)
  • 2,600 reputation with Gina Mudclaw
  • 150 reputation with The Tillers