Slay 6 Dreadspinner Tenders and use the Shado-Pan Dragon Gun to destroy 20 Dreadspinner Eggs in the Terrace of Gurthan.




We're holding, but just barely. Anything you can do to stem the tide of dreadspinners coming up the wall would be a big help.

Feel like tearing open spider eggs one at a time by hand?

I didn't think so. Take one of our dragon guns and light it up down there. I wanna hear those puppies pop.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Motherseed Gloves Sapfly Gloves
Withered Wood Gauntlets Lucidity Gloves
Dreadspinner Handguards Ghost Fox Gloves
Wind-Reaver Gauntlets Bladesworn Gauntlets
Coldbite Gauntlets

You will also receive:

Level 89