Bilgewater Infiltrators

Kill 10 SI: 7 Saboteurs around Domination Point and Bilgewater Beach.



There is nothing more unnerving than walking along, minding your own business, and hearing someone following you. I swear I hear it all over the place down here! We're being watched!

I have a feeling the entire beach is just crawling with spies!

I made some improvements to our infrared goggle tech to put an end to the sabotogery. That's right sabotogery! Now I just need you to try 'em out! Feel free to dispose of any spies you happen to catch.


You will receive:

Valor Points
Lesser Charm of Good Fortune

You will also receive:

  • 13,690 experience
  • 11 40 (or 19 84 50 if completed at level 100)
  • 150 reputation with Dominance Offensive