Arcane Runes

This quest is not available in game.

Using the Drawing Kit, make rubbings of the Rune of Beth'Amara, the Rune of Jin'yael, the Rune of Markri, and the Rune of Sael'hai before heading to the small island off of the southern peninsula of Azshara and signaling Pilot Xiggs Fuselighter to pick them up.



Magic was once as revered as Elune herself to some elves. Some of their most powerful mages created runes and tablets citing rules of the arcane and insights into their findings. They would leave these for all to ponder in public places.

I would very much like rubbings of these runes from the Ruins of Eldarath. I have a kit for you to make the rubbings with, but it will be up to you to find them. Be careful though, the Explorer's League isn't the only one interested in Eldarath.


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Level 45