The Dead Fields

This quest is not available in game.

Kill rot hide gnolls at the Dead Fields.

When Nightlash appears, kill her.

Bring the Essence of Nightlash to High Executor Hadrec at the Sepulcher.



Our initial scouting reports of Silverpine show the rot hides have a base at an old farm to the north, the Dead Fields. We have sent small assaults against them, but each time they are reinforced by the banshee Nightlash, who uses her magic to rout our forces.

We want Nightlash destroyed.

Go to the Dead Fields and assault the rot hides. If you don't see Nightlash then kill the rot hides until she appears, then defeat her.

Her essence will turn to dust. Bring me that dust as proof.


You will receive:

Reconnaissance Boots

You will also receive:

Level 10