The Jeremiah Blues

This quest is not available in game.

Find Jeremiah Payson in the Undercity and see if he is in fact Jeremiah Felstone. If he is, then perhaps he'd like the package Janice Felstone made for him.



From the evidence I am able to muster, the person you seek - and the intended recipient of the parcel - is Jeremiah Payson, the Undercity cockroach vendor.

I've always been of the opinion that it takes a special gift to sell... cockroaches. No doubt you are on quite the epic sojourn now, mighty <class>. I will leave you to your world-shaping endeavors. Allow me, however, to be a part of your magnum opus and reveal that he is located near the bank, suitably groveling under one of the walkways.


You will also receive:

Level 50