Snakestone of the Shadow Huntress

This quest is not available in game.

Travel to Blackrock Spire and slay Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin. Recover Vosh'gajin's Snakestone and return to Kilram.



Don't let her beauty fool you, <class>. The shadow huntress, Vosh'gajin is deadly and deranged.

<Kilram points to the scar on his face.>

Aye, she gave me that - a love tap, she called it.

The time for vengeance has finally come.

You can find Vosh'gajin in Blackrock Spire. Slay her and return to me with her snakestone. Do this and I will teach you the secret to crafting Dawn's Edge!


You will receive:

Plans: Dawn's Edge

You will also receive:

Level 50