Kirtonos the Herald

This quest is not available in game.

Return to the Scholomance with the Blood of Innocents. Find the porch and place the Blood of Innocents in the brazier. Kirtonos will come to feast upon your soul.

Fight valiantly, do not give an inch! Destroy Kirtonos and return to Eva Sarkhoff.



This is it, <name>.

<Eva points to the vial inside the bag.>

The blood of innocents. The purest blood, used to appease Krastinov's master.

It is with this blood that Kirtonos may be summoned. It is with this blood, then, that Kirtonos must be destroyed.

Take the blood to the porch. Place it upon the brazier. Kirtonos will come - he cannot resist. When he appears, unleash the fury and wrath of a thousand innocent deaths upon him.

Should you succeed, you will earn more than just our gratitude.


You will receive:

Spectral Essence

You will be able to choose one of the following items:

Penelope's Rose Mirah's Song

You will also receive:

Level 55