Bloodscalp Clan Heads

This quest is not available in game.

Bring Gan'zulah's Head and Nezzliok's Head to the bubbling cauldron at the Grom'gol Base Camp.




Yenniku was not among the heads, and I thank the Great Serpent for it. But we are no closer to finding him.

We must know the truth, and I fear that only the Bloodscalp chief and his witchdoctor know it. They are the enemies of the Darkspear tribe and will not speak freely, so we must force the truth from their dead lips!

Bring me the heads of Gan'zulah and Nezzliok the Dire and place them within this cauldron.

They are deep within Zul'Kunda. Bring their heads...we will then make them talk.


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Level 30