To Kill With Purpose

This quest is not available in game.

Travel to Corin's Crossing to the east and slaughter the Scourge that inhabit the town. Collect 7 pieces of Living Rot in under 10 minutes. Use the Mortar and Pestle to grind the Living Rot into Coagulated Rot.



You kill with purpose while you remain on my stead.

Your first task is to feed my hounds.

Take this mortar and pestle and travel to Corin's Crossing. Once there, you will find a robust selection of Scourge to slaughter. From their fresh carcasses I need living rot. Take that living rot and grind it up in the mortar, then let it sit to coagulate. Bring the coagulated rot back here.

And imbecile, realize that living rot from the undead doesn't remain 'living' for very long. You must kill quickly!


You will also receive:

Level 54