From The Wreckage....

This quest is not available in game.

Gar'Thok of Razor Hill wants you to retrieve 3 Gnomish Tools from the wreckage off the coast.




One of my most observant scouts brings back word that the wreckage of Proudmoore's fleet still remains off the coast of Durotar, just east of Tiragarde Keep.

It is no secret that the humans, in alliance with those foul little creatures known as gnomes, have an advanced knowledge of mechanics. We must have a complete understanding of all our potential enemies. And our people will benefit from this new knowledge as well.

Swim through the wreckage, <name>, and retrieve for me the tools of the Alliance.


You will be able to choose one of the following items:

Dirt-Trodden Boots Sandrunner Wristguards
Wide Metal Girdle

You will also receive:

Level 3