Facing Negolash

This quest is not available in game.

Bring 10 Barbecued Buzzard Wings and 5 bottles of Junglevine Wine to Captain Smotts' Lifeboat.

Kill Negolash, and bring Smotts' Cutlass to Captain Smotts in Stranglethorn.



Negolash is a hungry giant.

When the giants destroyed our ship, Negolash went straight for my kitchen. He wasn't hungry for crew like the other giants. Negolash wanted wine...and my Barbecued Buzzard Wings. They're my specialty, and I had to go all the way to the Badlands for the recipe!

If you want to lure the giant, then get some wine and a heap of buzzard wings. Put them in our old lifeboat, southeast of here along the coast. When Negolash smells all that food, he'll come for sure!


You will receive:

Smotts' Compass

You will also receive:

Level 35