Secrets of the Colossus - Regal

This quest is not available in game.

Take the Colossus of Regal's Husk to Overseer Oilfist in Searing Gorge.



There ain't nothin' I'd like more than to stuff this bug husk down Oilfist's fat face... Cept, I'm stuck here collectin' samples from that overgrown cockroach. I'll be here 'till the wee mornin' hours given the size o' that thing.

Take this here sample to Oilfist fer me and do it fast, <class>. He's payin' BIG!

Yar, Thorium Point - it be in the Searin' Gorge.


You will receive:

Colossal Bag of Loot

You will also receive:

Level 51