Alliance Rellian Greenspyre

Bring a Timberling Seed to Rellian Greenspyre at Wellspring Hovel.




<name>, can you take one of the seeds you brought me to my friend, Rellian Greenspyre? He is a druid that resides at Wellspring Hovel, and when last we spoke he revealed his interest in my work with the Timberlings. He had some ideas himself, and he will appreciate a specimen seed to work with.

Thank you, <name>. I hope that, some day, you will see the fruit of my labors.

You will find Wellspring Hovel along the road heading west out of Dolanaar, on the way to Darnassus.


You will also receive:

  • 975 experience
  • 2
  • 75 reputation with Darnassus