The Enchanted Glade

Acquire 6 Bloodfeather Belts.




I was dispatched with a small group of Sentinels here to protect the Oracle Tree from the harpies that have made nests all around the glade. Little by little we are trying to push them back.

When the Oracle Tree attempted to send a runner to Darnassus with a report, the messenger was attacked and killed by a group of the harpies.

If you feel up to the task, go to their nests, slay them, and return their belts to me as proof of your deeds.


You will be able to choose one of the following items:

Shackled Bindings Rain-Spotted Cape

You will also receive:

  • 840 experience
  • 5 10 (if completed at level 100)
  • 75 reputation with Darnassus