Ysera's Tears

Jessera of Mac'Aree at Blood Watch wants 2 Ysera's Tears.




Good to see you again, <name>! You were exceptionally efficient in completing the last task that I offered you. Perhaps you would be interested in another?

To the northeast lies Wyrmscar Island, home to a rare species of mushroom known as Ysera's tear - named after the green dragonlings that inhabit the island. I only require a small sampling of the mushroom, but I must warn you that the denizens of the island do not welcome visitors. Tread carefully.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Jessera's Fungus Lined Tunic Jessera's Fungus Lined Vest
Jessera's Fungus Lined Hauberk Jessera's Fungus Lined Chainmail

You will also receive:

Level 10