Horde Have You Ever Seen One of These?

Take the Murloc Cage and place it on the flat rock near Daggerfen Village.




This marsh be missin' one thing, mon! There be no murlocs here.

Don't worry, mon, I got a plan to fix the problem. See Gargle 'n' Gurgle over there? I plan to give the gift o' murlocs to the Lost Ones!

Take this cage with you to Daggerfen Village an' release 'em in the northeastern cluster of huts. Now you know I can't be riskin' Gargle 'n' Gurgle with you, but I'll give you a cage full o' colorful young murlocs. Just set it on the flat rock you be findin' up there and open the door!


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

The Witch Doctor's Wraps Daggerfen Mail
Fen Strider's Footguards

You will also receive:

Level 62