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Name Req. Level Side Rewards Gains Category
Learning New Techniques 23 Warrior
Learning the Word 23 Priest
Learning the Word 23 Priest
Learning the Word 23 Priest
Learning the Word 23 Priest
Mage Training 23 Mage
Mage Training 23 Mage
Magic Training 23 Mage
Mastering the Arcane 23 Mage
Of Light and Shadows 23 Priest
Oh, A Hunter's Life For Me 23 Hunter
Priest Training 23 Priest
Primal Strike 23
Primal Strike 23 Shaman
Primal Strike 23 Shaman
Rogue Training 23 Rogue
Rune-Inscribed Note 23 Shaman
Rune-Inscribed Parchment 23 Shaman
Shaman Training 23 Shaman
Simple Note 23 Warrior
Simple Rune 23 Warrior
Simple Scroll 23 Warrior
Simple Sigil 23 Warrior
Stab! 23 Rogue
Steady Shot 23
Steady Shot 23 Hunter
Steadying Your Shot 23 Hunter
Tainted Parchment 23 Warlock
Tainted Rune 23 Warlock
Tainted Scroll 23 Warlock
The Deepest Cut 23 Rogue
The First Lesson 23 Warrior
The Hunter's Path 23 Hunter
The Light's Power 23 Paladin
The Power of the Light 23 Paladin
The Thrill of the Hunt 23 Hunter
The Way of the Sunwalkers 23 Paladin
Trail-Worn Scroll 23 Hunter
Warlock Training 23 Warlock
Warrior Training 23 Warrior
Words of Power 23 Priest
Your First Lesson 23 Warrior
Your Path Begins Here 23 Shaman
In Service Of The Lich King 5555 Death Knight
Charge 23 Horde
Hunter Training 23 Horde Hunter
Moonfire 23 Horde Druid
Paladin Training 23 Horde Paladin
Priest Training 23 Horde Priest
Simple Parchment 23 Horde Warrior
Verdant Note 23 Horde Druid
Charging into Battle 23 Alliance Warrior
Consecrated Letter 23 Alliance Paladin
Corruption 23 Alliance Warlock
Etched Letter 23 Alliance Hunter
Hallowed Letter 23 Alliance Priest
Learning the Word 23 Alliance Priest
Moonfire 23 Alliance Druid
Primal Strike 23 Alliance Shaman
Simple Letter 23 Alliance Warrior
Tainted Letter 23 Alliance Warlock
The Hunter's Path 23 Alliance Hunter
The Power of the Light 23 Alliance Paladin
Verdant Sigil 23 Alliance Druid