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Name Req. Level Side Rewards Gains Category
All Hell Breaks Loose 2 Alliance
Gilneas City
Evacuate the Merchant Square 2 Alliance Gilneas City
Recruitment 2 Horde
Pick one:
Salvage the Supplies 2 Alliance
Gilneas City
A Swift Message 57 Elwynn Forest
Dungar Longdrink 57 Elwynn Forest
Evacuation 47 Alliance Gilneas
Evershine 27 Dun Morogh
Goods from Silvermoon City 57 Horde Eversong Woods
Michael Garrett 57 Horde Tirisfal Glades
Skymistress Gloaming 57 Horde Eversong Woods
Supplying Brill 57 Horde Tirisfal Glades
The King's Observatory 47 Alliance Gilneas
To Greymane Manor 47 Alliance Gilneas
The Truth of the Grave 23 Horde Deathknell
While You're At It 3 Alliance
Pick one:
Gilneas City
Belmont's Report 911 Horde Silverpine Forest
Save Krennan Aranas 4 Alliance Gilneas City
A Job for the Multi-Bot 22 Alliance
Chill Breeze Valley
Aid for the Wounded 2 Alliance Coldridge Valley
All the Other Stuff 2 Alliance Coldridge Valley
Arcane Inquiries 2 Alliance Gilneas
Dealing with the Fallout 22 Alliance
Chill Breeze Valley
Dwarven Artifacts 2 Alliance Coldridge Valley
First Things First: We're Gonna Need Some Beer 2 Alliance Coldridge Valley
Give 'em What-For 2 Alliance
Pick one:
Coldridge Valley
Make Hay While the Sun Shines 2 Alliance
Pick one:
Coldridge Valley
Operation Item Get 2 Coldridge Valley
Scrounging for Parts 22 Alliance Chill Breeze Valley
Seek the Sister 2 Alliance Gilneas
Shady Associates 2 Alliance Gilneas
Someone's Keeping Track of You 2 Alliance Gilneas
Someone's Looking for You 2 Alliance Gilneas
Something's Amiss 2 Alliance Gilneas City
The Fight Continues 22 Alliance Chill Breeze Valley
The Winds Know Your Name... Apparently 2 Alliance Gilneas
What's Left Behind 22 Alliance Chill Breeze Valley
Your Instructor 2 Alliance Gilneas
Back to Billy 56 Alliance Elwynn Forest
Bitter Rivals 56 Dun Morogh
Delivery to the North Sanctum 46 Horde Eversong Woods
Lost Necklace 56 Alliance Elwynn Forest
Note to William 56 Alliance Elwynn Forest
Speak with Gramma 56 Alliance Elwynn Forest
Taking the Fall 46 Horde 160 XP
Eversong Woods
Young Lovers 56 Alliance Elwynn Forest
A Fishy Peril 710 Alliance Elwynn Forest
Farstrider Retreat 810 Horde Eversong Woods
Further Concerns 710 Alliance Elwynn Forest
Get to the Airfield 710 Alliance Dun Morogh
Hero's Call: Loch Modan! 910 Alliance Loch Modan
Joining the Alliance 10 Alliance Stormwind City
Reinforcements for Loch Modan 1010 Alliance Dun Morogh
Rejold's New Brew 810
Dun Morogh
Return to Arcanist Vandril 910 Horde Ghostlands
The Forsaken 910 Ghostlands
The Forsaken 910 Horde Ghostlands
The Magister's Apprentice 810 Horde Eversong Woods
To Bigger and Better Things 610 Horde Tirisfal Glades
Trouble at the Lake 610 Alliance Dun Morogh
Warchief's Command: Ghostlands! 910 Ghostlands
Where's Wyllithen? 810 Horde Eversong Woods
East... Always to the East 69 Horde Tirisfal Glades
Head for the Mills 69 Horde Tirisfal Glades
Help for the Quarry 69 Alliance Dun Morogh
Ranger Sareyn 89 Horde Eversong Woods
Saltheril's Haven 89 Horde Eversong Woods
Speak with Sevren 69 Horde Tirisfal Glades
Decontamination 2 Alliance Dun Morogh
Package for Thurman 2 Alliance Stormwind City
Wine Shop Advert 2 Alliance
Stormwind City
The Executor In the Field 33 Horde Deathknell
Northern Stranglethorn 4.x: PRK - E - Just Hatched FLAG 1 Northern Stranglethorn
See to the Survivors 1 Alliance Dun Morogh
Further Treatment 55 Gilneas
Tools for Steelgrill 25 Dun Morogh
A Hand at the Ranch 58 Alliance Dun Morogh
Forsaken Duties 58 Horde Tirisfal Glades
Garren's Haunt 58 Horde Tirisfal Glades
Help from Steelgrill's Depot 58 Alliance Dun Morogh
Return to the Magistrate 58 Horde Tirisfal Glades
Pinned Down 1 Alliance Dun Morogh
Those That Couldn't Be Saved 1 Horde
Pick one:
Message to Greymane 4 Alliance Gilneas City
Horses for Duskhaven 47 Alliance Gilneas
The Crowley Orchard 47 Alliance Gilneas
The New Forsaken 57 Tirisfal Glades
Frost Nova 2 Gilneas
Harlan Needs a Resupply 2 Alliance Stormwind City
Learning the Word 2 Gilneas
Hold the Line! 1 Alliance
Pick one:
Coldridge Valley
Lockdown! 1 Alliance Gilneas City
Out of Order 1 Coldridge Valley
The Shadow Grave 1 Horde Deathknell
A Visit With Maybell 56 Alliance Elwynn Forest
Johaan's Experiment 56 Horde Tirisfal Glades
Roadside Ambush 46 Horde Eversong Woods
Join the Battle! 3 Elwynn Forest
Join the Battle! 3 Elwynn Forest
Join the Battle! 3 Elwynn Forest