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Name Req. Level Side Rewards Gains Category
Warsong Scout Update 1721
Journey to Astranaar 1820 Darkshore
The Darkscale Warlord 1720 Darkshore
The Unwritten Prophecy 1820
Pick one:
Bloodmyst Isle
The Slumbering Ancients 1719 Darkshore
Urgent Delivery 1518 Bloodmyst Isle
Freedom Movement 1517 Northern Barrens
Mor'shan Caravan Rescue 1517 Northern Barrens
Competition Schmompetition 1416 Horde Northern Barrens
The Short Way Home 1416
Pick one:
Northern Barrens
More Irradiated Crystal Shards 1315
Pick one:
Bloodmyst Isle
Useless quest record 1015 Azshara
Spirit of the Moonstalker 1012 Darkshore
Spirit of the Stag 1012 Darkshore
Spirit of the Thistle Bear 1012 Darkshore
The Value of Trust 912 Darnassus
Azuremyst: aa - A - Quest Flag 000 58 Azuremyst Isle
Troll Introduction Complete 1 Echo Isles
Welcome! 1
Pick one:
Welcome! 1
Pick one:
Valley of Trials
Welcome! 1
Pick one:
Camp Narache
A Cub's Cravings
50 Alliance
'Borrowing' From the Winterfall
50 Alliance
Cub's First Toy
50 Alliance
Da Perfect Spies 11 40 Durotar
Dance Of De Spirits
11 40 Durotar
Forged Documents
Frogs Away! 11 40 Durotar
Get Them While They're Young 50Winterspring
Hunting Practice
50 Alliance
Lady Of Da Tigers 11 40 Durotar
Mending Old Wounds 15Northern Barrens
Preparin' For Battle 75Durotar
The Darkmoon Faire 6 Horde
They Grow Up So Fast 50
Trollin' For Volunteers 11 40 Durotar
War at Sea 40Tanaris
A Favor for Melithar 3 Shadowglen
Moraya 3 Horde Echo Isles
The First Step 1 Horde Mulgore
Your Place In The World 1 Horde Valley of Trials
Sen'jin Village 5 Horde Echo Isles
Find Acteon! 46 Azuremyst Isle
Riding On 46 Horde Durotar
Rite of Vision 36 Horde Mulgore
Learning the Language 88 Azuremyst Isle
Morin Cloudstalker 68 Mulgore
Rune Covered Tablet 68 Azuremyst Isle
Thonk 48 Horde Durotar
The Warchief Wants You 9 Horde The Lost Isles
Beyond Durotar 810 Horde Durotar
Flight to Razor Hill 510 Horde Orgrimmar
Hellscream's Gift 10 Horde Orgrimmar
Hero's Call: Bloodmyst Isle! 910 Bloodmyst Isle
Hero's Call: Darkshore! 910 Darkshore
Joining the Horde 10 Orgrimmar
Margoz 810 Horde Durotar
Missing Reports 510 Horde Orgrimmar
Reports to Orgrimmar 510 Horde Orgrimmar
Sent for Help 810 Horde Durotar
The Horde Way 10 Horde Orgrimmar
The Kurken's Hide 710
Pick one:
Azuremyst Isle
The Sprouted Fronds 410
Totem of Coo 810 Azuremyst Isle
Totem of Tikti 810 Azuremyst Isle
Totem of Vark 810 Azuremyst Isle
Totem of Yor 810 Azuremyst Isle
Warchief's Command: Azshara! 910 Horde Azshara
Warchief's Command: Northern Barrens! 910 Horde Northern Barrens
Battle Shout 2 Mulgore
Go to Adana 2 Horde Mulgore
Mark of the Wild 2 Mulgore
Power Word: Fortitude 2 Mulgore
Rockbiter Weapon 2 Mulgore
Seal of Righteousness 2 Mulgore
Track Beasts 2 Mulgore
Ak'Zeloth 413 Horde Durotar
Report to Exarch Admetius 1013 Bloodmyst Isle
Neeru Fireblade 412 Horde Durotar
Coming of Age 1011 Azuremyst Isle
Message for Garrosh 11 Horde
Pick one:
90 XP
Prismbreak 911 Horde Azshara
Report to the Labor Captain 11 Horde Azshara
Warchief's Emissary 11 Horde 90 XP
Breaking the Line 4 Horde Echo Isles
Malfurion's Return 1315 Darkshore
Protector of Ameth'Aran 1315 Darkshore
What Argus Means to Me 1015 Bloodmyst Isle
Back to the Den 5 Horde
Pick one:
Valley of Trials
Dolanaar Delivery 35
Pick one:
Hana'zua 35 Horde Valley of Trials
Word from Azure Watch 5
Pick one:
Azuremyst Isle
Samophlange Repair 1416 Horde Northern Barrens
Translations... 1416 Bloodmyst Isle
Sworn to Protect 1317
A Troll's Truest Companion 3 Horde Echo Isles
More Than Expected 3 Echo Isles
More Than Expected 3 Echo Isles
More Than Expected 3 Horde Echo Isles