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Name Req. Level Side Rewards Gains Category
The Rise of the Darkspear 2 Echo Isles
The Rise of the Darkspear 2 Echo Isles
Track Beasts 2 Mulgore
You no take axe! 2 Stonetalon Mountains
The First Step 1 Horde Mulgore
Troll Introduction Complete 1 Echo Isles
Welcome! 1
Pick one:
Welcome! 1
Pick one:
Valley of Trials
Welcome! 1
Pick one:
Camp Narache
Your Place In The World 1 Horde Valley of Trials
Da Perfect Spies 11 80 Durotar
Dance Of De Spirits
11 80 Durotar
Forged Documents
Frogs Away! 11 80 Durotar
Lady Of Da Tigers 11 80 Durotar
Trollin' For Volunteers 11 80 Durotar
Zalazane's Fall 78
11,910 XP
6 80
Darkspear Strand
Hellscream's Gift 10 Horde Orgrimmar
Joining the Horde 10 Orgrimmar
The Horde Way 10 Horde Orgrimmar