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Name Req. Level Side Rewards Gains Category
Totem of Coo 5 Alliance Azuremyst Isle
Tortolla's Triumph 80Mount Hyjal
Tortolla's Revenge 801 14 Mount Hyjal
Tortolla Speaks 80Mount Hyjal
Torek's Assault 15 Horde
Pick one:
90 Ashenvale
Too Far Gone 15
Pick one:
1 80 Ashenvale
Together Again 40Thousand Needles
Together Again 40 Horde Thousand Needles
To Track a Thief 10 Horde Northern Barrens
To the Withering 40Thousand Needles
To the Summit 40 Horde Thousand Needles
To the Summit 40 Horde Thousand Needles
To the Spire 15Ashenvale
To the Rescue! 15 Horde
70 Ashenvale
To The Ramparts! 1570 Ashenvale
To the Mor'shan Rampart 15Ashenvale
To the Hilt! 30 Horde
Pick one:
To the Hilt! 30
Pick one:
To The Ground! 4090 Tanaris
To The Ground! 40 Horde 90 Tanaris
To the Front! 25Southern Barrens
To Stonemaul Hold 35 Horde 45 Feralas
To Raene Wolfrunner 15Ashenvale
To New Thalanaar 35Feralas
To New Thalanaar 40Thousand Needles
To Hellscream's Watch 15 Horde 9 Ashenvale
To Harvest Chaos 2590 Southern Barrens
To Gut a Fish 10 Horde 90 Azshara
To Dinah, at Once! 15 Horde
9 Ashenvale
To Darnassus 5 Alliance Teldrassil
To Camp Mojache 3570 Feralas
To Be Prepared 98 Horde
To Be Horde... 20 Horde
Pick one:
3 60 Stonetalon Mountains
To Battlescar! 20 Horde
Pick one:
1 80 Stonetalon Mountains
Tipping the Balance 8311 40 Uldum
Timely Arrival 10 Alliance
Pick one:
90 Darkshore
Time For Change 30
Pick one:
90 Desolace
Timbermaw Hold 4023 Felwood
Timberling Sprouts 5 Alliance
Pick one:
25 Teldrassil
Timberling Seeds 5 Alliance
12 Teldrassil
Tidal Sigil of Skwol 6077 60 Silithus
Tidal Sigil of Skwol 4077 60 Silithus
Ticker Required 10Azshara
Thunderhorn Totem 4 Horde Mulgore
Thunderhorn Cleansing 4 Horde
Pick one:
Thunderdrome: Zumonga!
3 players
402 70 Tanaris
Thunderdrome: The Ginormus!
3 players
402 70 Tanaris
Thunderdrome: Sarinexx!
3 players
402 70 Tanaris
Thunderdrome: Grudge Match!
3 players
Pick one:
2 70 Tanaris
Thunderdrome: Grudge Match!
3 players
Pick one:
2 70 Tanaris
Thunder Peak 15 Horde 9 Ashenvale
Thunder Down Under 5 Horde 12 Durotar
Through the Dream 80
Pick one:
8 60 Mount Hyjal
Through Fire and Flames 10 Horde
Pick one:
Northern Barrens
Thresher Oil 3590 Dustwallow Marsh
Three Princes 30
Three if by Air 83Uldum
Three Hammers to Break 10Darkshore
Three Friends of the Forest 15Ashenvale
Threat of the Winterfall 40
Pick one:
1 80 Winterspring
Threat from the Water 1090 Darkshore
Thonk 5 Horde 1 Durotar
This Old Lighthouse 35 Alliance Dustwallow Marsh
Thinning the... Herd? 15 Horde 90 Ashenvale
Thinning the Horde
201 80 Stonetalon Mountains
Thieving Little Pluckers
838 60 Uldum
They're Out There! 15 Horde
Pick one:
90 Ashenvale
They're Alive! Maybe... 10
Bloodmyst Isle
They Took Our Gnomes 2090 Ashenvale
They Set Them Up The Bomb! 15
90 Ashenvale
They Put the Assass in... Never Mind 20Stonetalon Mountains
They Grow Up So Fast 40
Un'Goro Crater
They Grow Up So Fast 40
They Don't Know What They've Got Here 8311 40 Uldum
They Call Him Swiftdagger. He Kills Harpies. 1045 Northern Barrens
They Call Him Smiling Jim 35Dustwallow Marsh
These Roots Were Made For Stompin' 4090 Felwood
There Are Many Like It 10Azshara
Theramore Spies 35 Horde Dustwallow Marsh
The Zhevra 10 Horde 90 Northern Barrens
The Zeppelin Crash 35Dustwallow Marsh
The Writ of History 4090 Thousand Needles
The Writ of History 40 Horde 90 Thousand Needles
The Wormwing Problem 8011 40 Mount Hyjal
The Wolf and The Kodo 5 Horde 12 Durotar
The Witch's Bane 351 80 Dustwallow Marsh
The Wilds of Feralas 3570 Feralas
The Wilds of Feralas 3570 Feralas
The Wildkin's Oath 10 Alliance
The Western Pylon 4090 Un'Goro Crater
The Weakest Link 831 14 Uldum
The Waters of Teldrassil 5 Alliance
Pick one:
The War of Northwatch Aggression 5 Horde
Pick one:
25 Durotar
The War Has Many Fronts 82Orgrimmar
The Waking Nightmare 10 Alliance
Pick one:
The Voice of Lo'Gosh 80 Horde Mount Hyjal
The Voice of Goldrinn 80 Alliance Mount Hyjal
The Vizier's Vote 835 70 Uldum
The Venture Co. 49 Mulgore
The Venture Co. 412 Mulgore