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Name Req. Level Side Rewards Gains Category
New Agamand 6871 Howling Fjord
News From the East 6871
Pick one:
Howling Fjord
Nork Bloodfrenzy's Charge 6871 Horde Borean Tundra
Notify Arlos 6871 Alliance Borean Tundra
Operation: Skornful Wrath 6871 Howling Fjord
Problems on the High Bluff 6871 Howling Fjord
Report to Scout Knowles 6871 Howling Fjord
Report to Steeljaw's Caravan 6871 Horde Borean Tundra
Return to the Spirit Talker 6971 Borean Tundra
Ride to Taunka'le Village 6871 Horde Borean Tundra
Sage Highmesa is Missing 6871 Horde Borean Tundra
See to the Operations 6971 Howling Fjord
Sharing Intelligence 6971 1,100 XP
Borean Tundra
Skorn Must Fall! 6871 Howling Fjord
Taking Wing 6971 1,100 XP
Borean Tundra
Tank Ain't Gonna Fix Itself 6871 Horde Borean Tundra
The Defense of Warsong Hold 6871 Borean Tundra
The Defense of Warsong Hold 6871 Horde Borean Tundra
The Defense of Warsong Hold 6871 Borean Tundra
The Explorers' League Outpost 6871 Howling Fjord
The Frozen Glade 6971 Howling Fjord
The Invasion of Gammoth 6871 Horde Borean Tundra
The Mechagnomes 6871 Alliance Borean Tundra
The Offensive Begins 6871 Howling Fjord
The Ring of Judgment 6871 Howling Fjord
The Sky Will Know 6971 Horde Borean Tundra
The Spare Suit 6971 Borean Tundra
The Ultrasonic Screwdriver 6871 Borean Tundra
To Bor'gorok Outpost, Quickly! 6971 Horde Borean Tundra
Vision of Air 6971
Pick one:
Borean Tundra
Where is Explorer Jaren? 6971 Howling Fjord
Wind Master To'bor 6871 Horde Borean Tundra
Word on the Street 6871 Alliance Borean Tundra
You Tell Him ...Hic! 6871 Howling Fjord
Allies in Dalaran 6870 Alliance Dalaran
Camp Winterhoof 6870 Howling Fjord
Everything Must Be Ready 6870 1,080 XP
Howling Fjord
Friends in Dalaran 6870 Horde Dalaran
Hell Has Frozen Over... 6870 Alliance Howling Fjord
Hero's Call: Northrend! 6870 Alliance Borean Tundra
The Enigmatic Frost Nymphs 6870 Howling Fjord
Warchief's Command: Northrend! 6870 Horde Borean Tundra
Amidst the Confusion 7780 Icecrown
Hodir's Tribute 7780 The Storm Peaks
Outliving Usefulness 7780 Icecrown
Preparing the Delivery 7780 Icecrown
Reading the Bones 7780
Pick one:
Regaining Control 7780 Icecrown
Sealed Vial of Poison 7080 14 80 Dalaran City
The Scrapbot Construction Kit 7780
The Storm Peaks
Waterlogged Recipe 7080
7 40 Dalaran City
You Can't Miss Him 7780 74 The Storm Peaks
If Size Mattered... 7779 The Storm Peaks
All Grown Up 7778 The Storm Peaks
Expressions of Gratitude 7778 The Storm Peaks
Not Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Exploding Plane 7778 The Storm Peaks
Tore's Got the Goods 7778 The Storm Peaks
Blessing of Zim'Rhuk 7477
Blessing of Zim'Torga 7477
Remember Everfrost! 7777 6 50 The Storm Peaks
Blahblah[PH] 7476 Zul'Drak
Blessing of Zim'Abwa 7476
Creature Comforts 7476
1 58 Zul'Drak
Lab Work 7476
62 Zul'Drak
Something for the Pain 7476 1 58 Zul'Drak
Dark Horizon 7475
Reunited 7475
Always Seeking Solvent
7374 Grizzly Hills
Always Seeking Solvent
7374 Grizzly Hills
Galakrond and the Scourge 7174 Dragonblight
zzOLD The Fate of the Ruby Dragonshrine 7274 Dragonblight
[Depricated]Sewing Your Seed 7373 Grizzly Hills
Can't Get Ear-nough... 7072
Borean Tundra
The Demo-gnome 7172 Alliance Dragonblight
????? 6971 Coldarra
Reforging the Key 6971 Borean Tundra
Howling Fjord: aa - A - LK FLAG 6070 Howling Fjord
Caster Ring Flag Icecrown
Healer Ring Flag Icecrown
Melee Ring Flag Icecrown
Strength Ring Flag Icecrown
Tank Ring Flag Icecrown
The Tablet of Leviroth Borean Tundra
The Unstable Prism
19 40 Dalaran
The Way to His Heart...
6919 40 Howling Fjord