Temporal Boon

Temporal Boon


Reduces the mana cost of all healing spells by 25%.


Temporal Boon

Mana cost of all healing spells reduced by 25%.

23 seconds remaining

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameTemporal Boon
SchoolsNatureDamage Type0
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategoryNone
  • Generates no threat
Effect #1

Decrease Power Cost

Amount: -25%

Affected Spells

 Renew Prayer of Healing Heal Flash Heal Mind Flay Flash Heal Flash Heal Mind Flay Flash Heal Blue Beam Trigger Blue Beam Purple Hands Entangling Roots Choking Spores Corruption Mind Flay Mind Flay Mind Flay Heal Brethren Shadow Wrath Renew Flash Heal Baron Rivendare's Soul Drain Purple Beam Mind Flay Sunwell Torrent Wretched Tap Greater Heal Mind Flay Prayer of Healing Blue Beam Purple Beam Mind Sear Soul Sear Medicinal Swamp Moss Mind Flay Holy Wrath Binding Heal Divide Spirit Drain Soul Blue Beam Prayer of Mending Lightning Tether Flash of Light Blue Beam Blue Beam Blue Beam Fiery Hands Shadowy Hands Frosty Hands Charged Hands Magic Hands Holy Hands Nether Charge Flame Reflection Frost Reflection Nature Reflection Shadow Reflection Flame Energy Shadow Energy Arcane Energy Nature Energy Holy Energy Frost Energy Purple Beam Holy Word: Sanctify Greater Heal Soul Shadows Blade's Edge Purple Beam Fury of the Dreghood Elders Forked Lightning Tether Mind Flay Holy Nova Drain Soul Welding Beam Blade's Edge Multi Gold Beam Blade's Edge Multi Gold Beam (02) Blade's Edge Multi Gold Beam (03) Blade's Edge Purple Beam (02) The Seer's Presence Skartax Purple Beam Arcane Glare Shadow Glare Fiery Glare Mind Sear Blade's Edge Arakkoa Mind Control Beam Random Bursts Random Bursts Focused Bursts Energy Surge Warp Storm Blade's Edge Arakkoa Mind Control Beam 02 Mind Rend Mind Rend Bone Wastes - Tomb Event Purple Beam Mind Rend Dertrok Mind Control Crystal Control Mind Flay Mind Flay Shadow Wrath Mind Flay Lightning Tether Ancient Fire Blue Beam Blue Beam Mind Flay Energize Headpiece Disrupt Dark Conclave Ritual Greater Heal Flash Heal Cosmetic Purple Beam Lightning Tether Lightning Tether Forked Lightning Tether Focused Bursts Focused Bursts Fiery Glare Arcane Glare Shadow Glare Mind Rend Mind Rend Heal Self ZapTemp Blue Beam Mind Flay Energy Surge Greater Heal Mind Flay Flash Heal Flash Heal Mind Flay Flash Heal Flash Heal Renew Renew Penance Circle of Healing Greater Heal Welding Beam Holy Wrath Flash Heal Flash Heal Flash of Light Holy Nova Greater Heal Mind Flay Welding Beam Mind Flay Mind Flay Flash of Light Greater Heal Arcane Stream Mind Flay Greater Heal Welding Beam Greater Heal Greater Heal Great Heal Greater Heal Divine Hymn Blazing Light Flash of Light Greater Heal Drain Soul Flash of Light Mind Flay Tender Touch Prayer of Healing Drain Soul Mind Flay Mind Flay Burning Hatred Burning Hatred Hellgaze Flash Heal Crimson Glare Greater Heal Mind Flay Mind Flay Holy Nova Visual (Base) Greater Heal Spirit Shell Jolting Pain Eyes of the Idol Eyes of the Idol Angry Monkey Stare Eyes of the Idol Greater Heal CK TEST STATE FX Spirit Shell Circle of Healing Greater Heal Flash Heal Mind Flay Greater Heal Flash of Light Flash of Light Flash of Light Mind Sear Soul Sear Penance Mind Flay Mind Flay Arcane Siphon Drain Soul Flash of Light Flash of Light Guardian Gaze Healing Prototype 1 Healing Prototype 2 Healing Prototype 3 Healing Prototype 4 Healing Prototype 5 Healing Prototype 2 Healing Prototype 5 Guardian Gaze Mind Flay Penance Greater Heal Power Word: Radiance Mind Flay Mind Flay Mind Flay Heal Circle of Healing Invigorating Shout Body and Mind Mind Flay Power Word: Radiance Arcane Glare Shadow Glare Fiery Glare Focused Bursts Mind Flay Flash Heal Mind Flay Drain Soul Greater Drain Soul