Rising Sun Kick

Rising Sun Kick

Monk - Windwalker Spec
2 ChiMelee range
Instant8 sec cooldown
Requires Monk (Windwalker)

You kick upwards, dealing [ 1,152% of Mainhand Min DPS + 576% of Offhand Min DPS + 91.5% of AP - 13 ] to [ 1,152% of Mainhand Max DPS + 576% of Offhand Max DPS + 91.5% of AP + 13 ] damage and applying Mortal Wounds to the target.

Also causes all targets within 8 yards to take an increased 20% damage from your abilities for 15 sec.

Mortal Wounds
Grievously wounds the target, reducing the effectiveness of any healing received for 10 sec.

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameRising Sun Kick
SchoolsPhysicalDamage TypeMelee
Global Cooldown1 secCooldown CategoryNormal

School Damage (Physical)

Damage: 985

Trigger Spell

Mortal Wounds