Fel-Crazed Rage

Fel-Crazed Rage

Instant1.3 min cooldown

Enter a fel-crazed rage, dealing 129,954 Shadow damage to a random nearby enemy every 0.25 sec for 3 sec. You cannot move or use abilities during your rage.


Fel-Crazed Rage

Inflicting 56,067 damage to a random nearby enemy every 0.25 sec.

3 seconds remaining

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameFel-Crazed Rage
SchoolsShadowDamage TypeMagic
Level0Level Range98 - 0
Global Cooldown1.5 secCooldown CategoryGlobal
Effect #1

Periodically trigger spell (Every 0.2 sec)

Effect #2

Unknown Aura #263

Affected Spells

 Fire Blast Horde Flag Alliance Flag Impale Rake Impale Firebolt Firebolt Corporal Shadowfury Molten Armor Firebolt Focused Bursts Firebolt Firebolt Firebolt Firebolt Firebolt Fire Blast Firebolt Firebolt Flame Breath First Lieutenant Throw Arcane Blast Desecration Water Shield Shadow Bolt Freezing Trap Effect Shoot Rusty Cut Slam Flame Breath Sinister Strike Slam Riptide Riptide Sinister Strike Throw Holy Fire Throw Slam Shield Wall Shoot Shield of Bones Strangle Target Scythe of Disruption Swirling Vapor Condensing Vapor Freezing Vapor Coalesce Deflection Deflection Place Obelisk Place Obelisk Place Obelisk Place Obelisk Charge Burning Hatred Shield of the Perfidious Shield of the Perfidious Massive Shockwave Blessed Mead Alliance Flag Horde Flag Shoot Firestarter Trail Effect Burning Blood Impale Whispers of Hethiss Whispers of Hethiss Wave of Agony Wildfire New Class Passive Resource Transform Chain Trap Leap of Faith Invisibility Smoldering Rune Flaming Torment Fiery Claws Smokescreen Fireseed Flaming Arrow Righteous Flames Flaming Aegis Flames of the Faithful Shadowflame Burning Wounds Flame Blast Burning Rage Fiery Attack Combust Flame Wall Lava Spew Ignition Surge Molten Barrage Molten Barrage Stab Flaming Rune Weapon Uncertain Strike Aggro Illidan Aggro Trash Arcane Missile Barrage Dream Wrath Arcane Barrage Drain Life Kiss of Death Chronohunter Back Kick Soul Link Chronohunter Feet of Fury Invisibility Wondrous Rapidity Pure Energy Percent Stat Buff Stamina Buff Attack Power Buff Spell Power Buff Haste Buff Melee and Ranged Haste Percent Spell Damage % Taken Debuff Reduce Armor 12 % Debuff Reduce Damage Dealt Percent Debuff Necrotic Strike Mortal Wounds Clever Ashyo's Healing Sphere Update Stage Shoot Magnetic Field Magnetic Pull Shoot Shoot Uncertain Strike Track Pets Bro Grab NOT USED Greater Heal QA Test Stun QA Test Root QA Test Proc Root QA Test Proc Stun QA Test Fear QA Test Horror QA Test Disarm QA Test Cyclone QA Test Incapacitate (Mez DR) QA Test Incapacitate (Mez DR) QA Test Silence QA Test Charm QA Test 50% snare QA Test 70% Snare QA Test Interrupt QA Test 25% Heal Reduction QA Test Sprint QA Test Damage Absorb QA Test Heal Absorb QA Test -100% Energy Regen QA Test Cast 50% Speed Reduction QA Test Cast 100% Speed Reduction Dizzying Haze QA Test -100% Focus Regen Capacitor Totem Soothing Mist Dart of Lethargy Thornskin Roll Keg Smash Sinister Strike Soothing Mist Fiery Keg Smash Meditate Spinning Crane Kick Stampede Riptide Fiery Keg Smash Soothing Mist Mount Pole Dummy Spinning Crane Kick Vanish Vanish Vanish Vanish Fiery Keg Smash Throw Axe Soothing Mist Spinning Crane Kick Roll Fiery Keg Smash The Mariner's Revenge: Jiao Lightning Fiery Keg Smash Fiery Keg Smash Fiery Keg Smash Roll Roll Roll Slow Fall Slow Fall Flying Serpent Kick Flying Serpent Kick Self Root Roll Shielded Soothing Mist HaT Bot Trigger Buff Spell Jump Aboard Cannon Launch Cannon Launch Roll Fly Shoot Gas Bomb Cheap Shot Healing Ward Killing Spree Stasis Trap Stasis Trap Stasis Trap Fan of Knives Summon Adds Dummy Send Trigger to Vol'jin Special Ability Dummy Flamethrower Flamethrower Tar Spray Explosion Overload Stasis Flamethrower Flamethrower Big Bad Voodoo Big Bad Voodoo Big Bad Voodoo Universal Remote-Explode Rebuke Death Beam Death Beam Death Beam Visual Set Health Relative to Master Swarm Mentality Clear Death Beam Visual Swarm Mentality Hidden Periodic Trigger Buff Swarm Mentality Creature Counter Hidden Spell Incomplete Incorporeality Initiator Friendly Favor Attack Prediction Algorithm Generator Living Flames Flame Bomb Flame Extension Instance Portal Dummy Instance Portal Dummy Re-Configured Remote Shock Portable Wormhole Wormhole Pull Target Cluster Rocket War Boat Cosmetics Extra Action Button Cover Spell Grenade Shrapnel Lightning Bomb Static Overload Portable Land Mine Detonate Deploy Exploding Sheep Detonate Sheep Breathing Fire Lightning Bomb Static Overload Wormhole Pull Target Wormhole Pull Target Wormhole Pull Target Portable Land Mine Portable Land Mine Cluster Rocket Cluster Rocket Death Beam Death Beam Death Beam Visual Cluster Rocket Cluster Rocket Lightning Bomb Wormhole Pull Target Flame Extension Touch of the Ritual Blade Counter Shot Ghost Dinosaur Stampede Ghost Dinosaur Stampede Ghost Dinosaur Stampede Spirit Link Idol Devour Being Eaten Resonance Siphon Ball of Energy Devour Saurok Despawn Trigger Saurok Death Trigger Battle Rage Fire Burst Flame Barrage Flame Barrage Electrically Charged Creature Counter Hidden Spell Electrically Charged Hidden Periodic Trigger Buff Call Thunder Static Electricity Call Thunder Furious Charge Furious Charge Shield Slam Crystal Siphon Summon Mogu Ghost Shield of Glory Lightning Charge Summon Thunderhawk Hekima's Brand Arcane Missiles Arcane Missiles Missile Shield Arcanital's Spark Shield of Bones Vanish Flare Vanish Vanish Cannon Launch Scurvy Snake Eyes Pirate's Boon Black Mark Cursed Pirate Dice Roll Cursed Dice Thick Skin Cursed Pirate Visuals Cannon Launch Cannon Launch Cannon Launch Cannon Launch Skull Bash Counter Shot Fireball Hurl Rock Frostbolt Dislocation Rift Obsidian Cage Summon Lightning Elemental Aqua Bomb HaT Bot Combo Point Generator Blink Healing Stream Healing Stream Totem Power Word: Barrier Drums of Rage Flame Arrows Arcane Explosion Knockback Piercing Shot Piercing Shot Cleave Blade Charge Blade Barrier Blade Barrier Firebolt Slam Camouflage Soul Split Demonic Gateway Flame Chain Iron Horde Trip Mine Flame Breath Storm Axe Searing Bolt Summon Currency Area Trigger Slam Call to Arms Call to Arms Call to Arms Call to Arms Call to Arms Call to Arms Call to Arms Garrison Ability Garrison Ability Override Garrison Ability Override Lootable Guardian Orb Guardian Orb Artillery Strike Garrison Ability Override Garrison Ability Override Delete Me Delete Me Hack and Slash Hack and Slash Champion's Honor Beatface's Bloodthirst Beatface's Bloodthirst Champion's Honor Beatface's Bloodthirst Beatface's Bloodthirst Beatface's Bloodthirst Beatface's Bloodthirst Champion's Honor Warmouth's Way Warmouth's Way Warmouth's Way Warmouth's Way Warmouth's Way Warmouth's Way Champion's Honor Vaandaam's Vengeance Vaandamm's Vengeance Vaandaam's Vengeance Vaandaam's Vengeance Champion's Honor Sasha's Swiftness Sasha's Swiftness Sasha's Swiftness Champion's Honor Kash'drakor's Killshot Kash'drakor's Killshot Kash'drakor's Killshot Kash'drakor's Killshot Champion's Honor Akaani's Annulment Akaani's Annulment Akaani's Annulment Akaani's Annulment Champion's Honor Y'kish's Y'llusion Illusionary Shroud Y'kish's Y'llusion Y'kish's Y'llusion Artillery Strike Champion's Honor Limbflayer's Lunacy Limbflayer's Lunacy Limbflayer's Lunacy Champion's Honor Jonaa's Justice Jonaa's Justice Jonaa's Justice Champion's Honor Limbflayer's Bonfire Limbflayer's Bonfire Limbflayer's Bonfire Hack and Slash Hack and Slash Hack and Slash Sharpened Claws Soothing Mist Soothing Mist Throw Weapon Call to Arms Call to Arms Garrison Ability Override Garrison Ability Override Garrison Ability Override Garrison Ability Override Intimidating Shout Whispers of Rai'Vosh Eyes Wild Growth Entangling Roots Soul of the Forest Soul of the Forest City Protector Garrison Ability Override Garrison Ability Override Greater Heal Spider Silk Spider Silk Spider Silk Ashran Zone Aura Searing Bolt Garrison Ability Override Garrison Ability Override Kowalski's Music Box Kowalski's Music Box LeBlanc's Recorder Flimsy X-Ray Goggles X-Ray Vision X-Ray Vision Firebolt Killing Spree Stone Empowerment Stone Empowerment Garrison Ability Override Garrison Ability Override Spring-loaded Spike Trap Signal Flare Signal Flare Primal Vengeance Flaming Arrows Pride Felbolt Sentinel's Mark Kill Shot Call to Arms Heroic Throw Yu'lon's Revival Call to Arms Rock Shield Ritual of Summoning Infernal Awakening Summon Infernal Turned Demon Summon Penance Firebolt Northrend Winds Ice Block Deep Freeze Penance Living Bomb Living Bomb Super Sticky Glitter Bomb Greater Heal Victory Rush Disrupting Shout Beacon of Light Headhunter's Mark Chaos Wave Chaos Wave Artifacts Collected Victory Rush Dragon Roar Capture Risen Spirit Entangling Roots X-Ray Vision Drums of Fury Cannon Launch Cover Spell Cannon Launch Cover Spell Cannon Launch Cover Spell LeBlanc's Recorder Delete Me Contender Stampede Incinerate Glaive Spin Razor Net! BH Ambush! Delete Me Primal Prowl Primal Moonfire Primal Starfall Big Red Rocket Charge v2 Inpsiring Shot Frost Death Knight - Dalaran Aura Ribbon of Light Chaotic Flame Chaotic Flame Delete Me Fey Missile Blade Dance Sword of Truth Stormstrike Stormstrike Off-Hand Charge Electrocute Divine Shield Nightmane's Slash Death Gate Death Gate Teleport Prep Chaos Strike Demon's Bite Vengeful Retreat Eye Beam Chaos Nova Firebolt Whirlwind Colossus Smash Dire Beast Heroic Throw Ebon Blade Banner Growl REFUSE! Soothing Mist Eonar's Grace Eonar's Grace Healing Stream Totem Healing Stream Avenging Wrath Mini Nightmare Totem Drowning Smash Spear of the Damned Helbite Tidal Flurry Tidal Flurry Shield of the Perfidious Shield of the Perfidious Divine Miracle Light in the Darkness Sunstriding Eternal Sacrifice Hunter Artifacts - Dalaran Aura Flying Kick Healing Brew Stormy Weather Heal Chaos Slam Empowered Drowning Smash Warrior Order Formation - Dalaran Aura Healing Brew Frost Armor Frost Armor Helbite Steed of Glory Stormy Weather Soulstone 7.0 Artifacts - Death Knight Focused Lightning Focused Lightning Ghost Wolf Healing Brew Assign Priest Spell Bar Eye Beam Eye Beam Fury of the Illidari Blur Mind Flay Mind Flay Bear Trap Brilliance Aura Backstab Shuriken Storm Shoot Healing Brew Assign Druid Spell Bar Aspect of the Hawk Aerialist Reckless Balanced Flash Heal Flash Heal Blade Dance 7.0 Artifacts - Druid Shoot Black Arrow Riposte Necrotic Thrash Honorable Medallion Gladiator's Medallion Swipe Fel Slime Fel Slime Arcane Explosion Breath of Fire Zen Meditation Detox Enveloping Mist Soothing Mist Fiery Brand Void Consumption Fel Cinders Fel Cinders Dark Empowerment Dark Empowerment Thorns Burning Diffusion Icicle Barrage Icicle Barrage Void Consumption Eye Beam Victory Rush Shoot Icicle Barrage Icicle Barrage Death Rune Drain Life Reckoning Combat Ally Odyns Wrath Tranquility Tranquility Assign Warlock Spell Bar Mind Warp Test Heart of Shadow Lightning Bolt Firebolt Firebolt Mortal Wounds Growl Fel Grip and Teleport Six Soul Bag Eternal Banishment Flamescowl Immolate Riddle of the Land Complete Riddle of the Flower Complete Riddle of Purity Complete Firebolt Swipe Resuscitate Stormstrike Stormstrike Off-Hand Riptide Healing Surge Lightning Bolt Shoot Stormstrike Stormstrike Off-Hand Rockbiter Lava Lash Divine Shield Avenging Wrath Waterbolt Mind Flay Nightmarish Visions Healing Splash Bear Form Nether Step Emerald Charge Summon Felbound Wrathlord Emmarel's Assault Summon Sisters Call in the Fel Hammer Death Gate Timeworn Strand Artifact Heartbeat Timeworn Artifact Kalecgos' Fury Focused Bursts Deciding Vote Meat Hook Secrets of the Kirin Tor Meat Hook Judgment's Gaze Dark Stampede Light of the Naaru Seal of Ravenholdt Boundless Quintessence Blood Vanguard Winds of the North Death Gate Titan's Wrath Mother's Caress SI:7 Intel 7.0 Artifacts - Death Knight 7.0 Artifacts - Druid Riptide Saber Slash Shuriken Storm Growl Bladestorm Off-Hand Bladestorm Shoot Greater Heal Colossal Infernal Dummy Cat Form 7.0 Artifacts - Death Knight Rockbiter Stormrage Fury of the Cosmos Warhawk Collapsing Star Fury of the Cosmos Collapsing Star Dark Empowerment Demoralizing Shout Drums of the Mountain Vanish TEST DNT Explosive Trap Explosive Trap Penance Penance Follower Manager Fall Back Fall Back To My Side To My Side Lash of Pain Slam Shoot Intimidating Shout Flash Heal Firebolt Penance Penance Swipe Riptide Fade Fade
Effect #3

Mod Size

Amount: +30%

Effect #4

Levitate / Hover

Effect #5