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Name Level Class Type
Seasoned Soldier
10 Warrior Spec (Arms)
Second Wind
1 Warrior Talent (Lvl 30)
Seed of Corruption
72 Warlock Baseline
Seed of Corruption
72 Warlock Baseline
Seed of Corruption
60 Warlock Spec (Affliction)
Seed of Corruption
60 Warlock Baseline
Seed of Corruption
60 Warlock Baseline
Self Burning Triggers
42 Warlock Spec (Destruction)
Selfless Healer
Paladin Talent (Lvl 45)
34 Priest Spec (Holy)
Serpent Spread
68 Hunter Spec (Survival)
Serpent Sting
10 Hunter Baseline
Shackle Undead
32 Priest Baseline
Shadow Blade
Rogue Baseline
Shadow Blade Off-hand
Rogue Baseline
Shadow Blades
87 Rogue Baseline
Shadow Bolt
1 Warlock Baseline
Shadow Dance
80 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
Shadow Focus
Rogue Talent (Lvl 15)
Shadow Infusion
60 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Shadow Orbs
21 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Shadow Walk
72 Rogue Baseline
Shadow Word: Death
46 Priest Baseline
Shadow Word: Pain
3 Priest Baseline
Shadow Word: Pain
3 Priest Baseline
47 Warlock Spec (Destruction)
42 Priest Baseline
24 Priest Spec (Shadow)
30 Warlock Talent (Lvl 30)
Rogue Talent (Lvl 60)
Shadowy Apparitions
42 Priest Spec (Shadow)
10 Shaman Spec (Elemental)
Shamanistic Rage
65 Shaman Spec (Enhancement, Elemental)
16 Mage Baseline
Shattering Throw
74 Warrior Baseline
Shield Barrier
81 Warrior Spec (Protection)
Shield Block
18 Warrior Spec (Protection)
Shield of the Righteous
40 Paladin Spec (Protection)
Shield Slam
10 Warrior Spec (Protection)
Shield Wall
48 Warrior Baseline
74 Rogue Baseline
1 Warrior Talent (Lvl 60)
Shooting Stars
26 Druid Spec (Balance)
16 Druid Spec (Feral)
Shroud of Concealment
76 Rogue Baseline
Shuriken Toss
Rogue Talent (Lvl 90)
52 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Silencing Shot
30 Hunter Spec (Marksmanship)
Single-Minded Fury
38 Warrior Spec (Fury)
Sinister Calling
10 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
Sinister Strike
1 Rogue Baseline
Sinister Strike Enabler
3 Rogue Baseline
Siphon Life
1 Warlock Baseline
Skull Banner
87 Warrior Baseline
Skull Bash
64 Druid Spec (Feral, Guardian)
18 Warrior Spec (Arms)
Slice and Dice
14 Rogue Baseline
36 Mage Spec (Arcane)
Slow Fall
32 Mage Baseline
1 Priest Baseline
Smoke Bomb
85 Rogue Baseline
Snake Trap
66 Hunter Baseline
Solace and Insanity
Priest Talent (Lvl 45)
Solar Beam
28 Druid Spec (Balance)
60 Druid Baseline
Soothing Mist
10 Monk Spec (Mistweaver)
Soothing Mist
1 Monk Baseline
Soul Fire
13 Warlock Spec (Demonology)
Soul Harvest
27 Warlock Baseline
Soul Leech
Warlock Baseline
Soul Leech
Warlock Talent (Lvl 15)
Soul Link
45 Warlock Talent (Lvl 45)
Soul of the Forest
Druid Talent (Lvl 60)
Soul Reaper
87 Death Knight Spec (Frost)
Soul Reaper
87 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Soul Reaper
87 Death Knight Spec (Blood)
Soul Shards
19 Warlock Spec (Affliction)
Soul Swap
79 Warlock Baseline
Soul Swap
79 Warlock Spec (Affliction)
19 Warlock Spec (Affliction)
Soulburn: Curse
73 Warlock Spec (Affliction)
Soulburn: Demonic Circle: Teleport
86 Warlock Spec (Affliction)
Soulburn: Health Funnel
27 Warlock Spec (Affliction)
Soulburn: Seed of Corruption
62 Warlock Spec (Affliction)
Soulburn: Soul Swap
79 Warlock Spec (Affliction)
66 Warlock Baseline
18 Warlock Baseline
42 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Spear Hand Strike
32 Monk Baseline
Spectral Guise
1 Priest Talent (Lvl 60)
Speed of Light
Paladin Talent (Lvl 15)
Spell Reflection
66 Warrior Baseline
64 Mage Baseline
Spinning Crane Kick
46 Monk Baseline
Spinning Crane Kick
1 Monk Baseline
Spinning Crane Kick
Monk Baseline
Spinning Fire Blossom
48 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Spirit Bond
Hunter Talent (Lvl 45)
Spirit Link Totem
70 Shaman Spec (Restoration)
Spirit of Redemption
30 Priest Spec (Holy)