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Name Level Class Type
Raise Ally
72 Death Knight Baseline
Rune of the Stoneskin Gargoyle
72 Death Knight Runeforging
Rune of the Nerubian Carapace
72 Death Knight Runeforging
Bind Elemental
72 Shaman Baseline
Sanguine Fortitude
72 Death Knight Spec (Blood)
Seed of Corruption
72 Warlock Baseline
Might of Ursoc
72 Druid Baseline
Shadow Walk
72 Rogue Baseline
Soulburn: Curse
73 Warlock Spec (Affliction)
73 Warlock Spec (Demonology)
74 Druid Baseline
74 Rogue Baseline
Dancing Rune Weapon
74 Death Knight Spec (Blood)
Summon Gargoyle
74 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Portal: Dalaran
74 Mage Baseline
Master's Call
74 Hunter Baseline
Psychic Horror
74 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Shattering Throw
74 Warrior Baseline
Threat of Thassarian
74 Death Knight Spec (Frost)
Might of the Frozen Wastes
74 Death Knight Spec (Frost)
Nether Attunement
74 Mage Baseline
Ancient Portal: Dalaran
74 Mage Baseline
Rockbiter Weapon
75 Shaman Baseline
Improved Unholy Presence
75 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
75 Shaman Baseline
Guardian of Ancient Kings
75 Paladin Spec (Protection)
Guardian of Ancient Kings
75 Paladin Spec (Holy)
Guardian of Ancient Kings
75 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
Grimoire of Supremacy
75 Warlock Talent (Lvl 75)
Grimoire of Service
75 Warlock Talent (Lvl 75)
Grimoire of Sacrifice
75 Warlock Talent (Lvl 75)
Chi Torpedo
75 Monk Talent (Lvl 90)
Purifying Brew
75 Monk Spec (Brewmaster)
Lynx Rush
75 Hunter Talent (Lvl 75)
Mage Bomb
75 Mage Baseline
Blink Strikes
75 Hunter Talent (Lvl 75)
Storm, Earth, and Fire
75 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
76 Druid Spec (Guardian)
76 Hunter Baseline
Empower Rune Weapon
76 Death Knight Baseline
Demonic Circle: Summon
76 Warlock Baseline
Demonic Circle: Teleport
76 Warlock Baseline
Mind Sear
76 Priest Baseline
Wild Growth
76 Druid Spec (Restoration)
76 Druid Spec (Balance)
76 Druid Baseline
Vampiric Blood
76 Death Knight Spec (Blood)
Shroud of Concealment
76 Rogue Baseline
76 Warrior Spec (Protection)
76 Death Knight Spec (Blood)
77 Mage Spec (Fire)
Brain Freeze
77 Mage Spec (Frost)
Fel Flame
77 Warlock Baseline
Vampiric Embrace
78 Priest Spec (Shadow)
78 Hunter Baseline
78 Druid Baseline
Bone Shield
78 Death Knight Spec (Blood)
Tricks of the Trade
78 Rogue Baseline
Divine Hymn
78 Priest Spec (Holy)
Train of Thought
78 Priest Spec (Discipline)
78 Monk Spec (Mistweaver)
Leer of the Ox
Major Glyph
78 Monk Baseline
Stormlash Totem
78 Shaman Baseline
Soul Swap
79 Warlock Spec (Affliction)
Soul Swap
79 Warlock Baseline
Flames of Xoroth
79 Warlock Spec (Destruction)
Metamorphosis: Chaos Wave
79 Warlock Spec (Demonology)
Soulburn: Soul Swap
79 Warlock Spec (Affliction)
Mage Armor
80 Mage Baseline
Hand of Sacrifice
80 Paladin Baseline
Mastery: Ignite
80 Mage Spec (Fire)
Army of the Dead
80 Death Knight Baseline
Killing Spree
80 Rogue Spec (Combat)
Shadow Dance
80 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
Dalaran Brilliance
80 Mage Baseline
Inner Will
80 Priest Baseline
Mastery: Mana Adept
80 Mage Spec (Arcane)
Mastery: Icicles
80 Mage Spec (Frost)
Mastery: Master of Beasts
80 Hunter Spec (Beast Mastery)
Mastery: Essence of the Viper
80 Hunter Spec (Survival)
Mastery: Wild Quiver
80 Hunter Spec (Marksmanship)
Mastery: Illuminated Healing
80 Paladin Spec (Holy)
Mastery: Divine Bulwark
80 Paladin Spec (Protection)
Mastery: Hand of Light
80 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
Mastery: Potent Poisons
80 Rogue Spec (Assassination)
Mastery: Main Gauche
80 Rogue Spec (Combat)
Mastery: Executioner
80 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
Mastery: Strikes of Opportunity
80 Warrior Spec (Arms)
Mastery: Unshackled Fury
80 Warrior Spec (Fury)
Mastery: Critical Block
80 Warrior Spec (Protection)
Mastery: Potent Afflictions
80 Warlock Spec (Affliction)
Mastery: Master Demonologist
80 Warlock Spec (Demonology)
Mastery: Emberstorm
80 Warlock Spec (Destruction)
Mastery: Elemental Overload
80 Shaman Spec (Elemental)
Mastery: Enhanced Elements
80 Shaman Spec (Enhancement)
Mastery: Deep Healing
80 Shaman Spec (Restoration)
Mastery: Shield Discipline
80 Priest Spec (Discipline)
Mastery: Echo of Light
80 Priest Spec (Holy)
Mastery: Shadowy Recall
80 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Mastery: Total Eclipse
80 Druid Spec (Balance)