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Name Level Class Type
Legacy of the White Tiger
81 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Mastery: Bottled Fury
80 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Storm, Earth, and Fire
75 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Brewing: Tigereye Brew
56 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Tigereye Brew
56 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Rising Sun Kick
56 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Leather Specialization
50 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Spinning Fire Blossom
48 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
45 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
42 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Energizing Brew
36 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
26 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Touch of Karma
22 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Combat Conditioning
20 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Flying Serpent Kick
18 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Combo Breaker
15 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Fists of Fury
10 Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Hotfix Passive
Monk Spec (Windwalker)
Unholy Aura
60 Death Knight Spec (Unholy, Frost)
Soul Reaper
87 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Mastery: Dreadblade
80 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Improved Unholy Presence
75 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Summon Gargoyle
74 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Dark Transformation
70 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Ebon Plaguebringer
68 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Unholy Frenzy
66 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Sudden Doom
64 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Festering Strike
62 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Shadow Infusion
60 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Scourge Strike
58 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Master of Ghouls
55 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
55 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Plate Specialization
55 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Unholy Might
55 Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Hotfix Passive
Death Knight Spec (Unholy)
Mastery: Essence of the Viper
80 Hunter Spec (Survival)
Improved Serpent Sting
70 Hunter Spec (Survival)
Serpent Spread
68 Hunter Spec (Survival)
Trap Mastery
64 Hunter Spec (Survival)
Viper Venom
63 Hunter Spec (Survival)
55 Hunter Spec (Survival)
Black Arrow
50 Hunter Spec (Survival)
Lock and Load
43 Hunter Spec (Survival)
Explosive Shot
10 Hunter Spec (Survival)
Hotfix Passive
Hunter Spec (Survival)
Shadow Dance
80 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
Mastery: Executioner
80 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
Energetic Recovery
70 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
Sanguinary Vein
60 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
Honor Among Thieves
50 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
40 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
30 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
Find Weakness
20 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
10 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
Sinister Calling
10 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
Master of Subtlety
10 Rogue Spec (Subtlety)
Void Shift
87 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Mastery: Shadowy Recall
80 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Vampiric Embrace
78 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Psychic Horror
74 Priest Spec (Shadow)
60 Priest Spec (Shadow)
52 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Mind Spike
44 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Shadowy Apparitions
42 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Vampiric Touch
28 Priest Spec (Shadow)
24 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Shadow Orbs
21 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Devouring Plague
21 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Mind Blast
21 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Mind Flay
10 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Spiritual Precision
10 Priest Spec (Shadow)
Hammer of the Righteous
20 Paladin Spec (Retribution, Protection)
81 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
Mastery: Hand of Light
80 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
80 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
Guardian of Ancient Kings
75 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
Seal of Justice
70 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
54 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
Plate Specialization
Retribution, Passive
50 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
The Art of War
50 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
46 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
Divine Storm
34 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
Judgments of the Bold
28 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
Sword of Light
10 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
Templar's Verdict
10 Paladin Spec (Retribution)
Ancestral Focus
10 Shaman Spec (Restoration, Elemental)
Nature's Swiftness
30 Druid Spec (Restoration, Balance)
88 Druid Spec (Restoration)
Wild Mushroom
84 Druid Spec (Restoration)
Wild Mushroom: Bloom
84 Druid Spec (Restoration)
Malfurion's Gift
82 Druid Spec (Restoration)
Wild Mushroom
82 Druid Spec (Restoration)
Mastery: Harmony
80 Druid Spec (Restoration)
Mastery: Deep Healing
80 Shaman Spec (Restoration)
Wild Growth
76 Druid Spec (Restoration)
Spirit Link Totem
70 Shaman Spec (Restoration)
64 Druid Spec (Restoration)
Greater Healing Wave
60 Shaman Spec (Restoration)
Mana Tide Totem
56 Shaman Spec (Restoration)
Mail Specialization
50 Shaman Spec (Restoration)