clear all
[ph] Bwemba Cleanse Serpent Poison 2
[ph] Bwemba Cleanse Serpent Poison Credit
[PH] Crystal Corpse Despawn
[PH] Crystal Corpse Timer
[PH] Cystal Bazooka
[PH] Dalaran Lamp Lighter
[PH] Elemental Spawn
[PH] Elemental Spawn
[PH] Elemental Spawn
[PH] Elemental Spawn
[PH] Elemental Spawn
[PH] Elemental Spawn
[PH] Elemental Spawn
[PH] Elemental Spawn
[PH] Enchanted Lantern Passive
[ph] Exotic Cologne
[ph] Exotic Perfume
[ph] exploding barrel trigger
[PH] Extinguish
[PH] Fire Fly
[PH] Get Token
[PH] Holiday - Midsummer - Defense
[PH] Holiday - Midsummer - Spike - Shake
[PH] Holiday - Midsummer - Spike - Summon
[PH] Kill Counter Visual
[PH] Kill Counter Visual Max
[PH] Kill Summoner Buff
[ph] Looking for Love
[ph] Looking for Love
[PH] Mogu Pain Barrier
[PH] Mogu Pain Barrier Periodic
[ph] Perfume In Love
[PH] Portable Hole
[PH] Squirt Gun
[PH] Summon Buttress
[PH] Summon Minion (trap: ghost/ghoul))
[PH] Summon Minion (trap: ghost/skeleton))
[PH] Summon Minion (trap: ghoul/skeleton))
[PH] Summon Minion parent (ghost/ghoul)
[PH] Summon Minion parent (ghost/skeleton)
[PH] Summon Minion parent (ghoul/skeleton)
[PH] Teleport to Auberdine
[PH] Teleport to Balthule
[PH] Teleport to Booty Bay
[PH] Teleport to Felwood
[PH] Teleport to Grom'Gol
[PH] Teleport to Menethil Harbor
[PH] Teleport to Orgrimmar
[PH] Teleport to Ratchet
[PH] Teleport to Theramore
[PH] Teleport to Theramore Dock
[PH] Teleport to Undercity
[PH] Teleport: Durotar -> Warsong Hold
[PH] Teleport: Hyjal
[PH] Teleport: Kamagua -> Moa'ki
[PH] Teleport: Menethil -> Valgarde
[PH] Teleport: Moa'ki -> Kamagua
[PH] Teleport: Moa'ki -> Unu'pe
[PH] Teleport: Stormwind -> Valiance Keep
[PH] Teleport: Tirisfal -> Vengeance Landing
[PH] Teleport: Unu'pe -> Moa'ki
[PH] Teleport: Valgarde -> Menethil
[PH] Teleport: Valiance Keep -> Stormwind
[PH] Teleport: Valiance Keep -> Westguard
[PH] Teleport: Vashj'ir - Alliance
[PH] Teleport: Vashj'ir - Alliance Port
[PH] Teleport: Vashj'ir - Horde
[PH] Teleport: Vengeance Landing -> Tirisfal
[PH] Teleport: Vengeance Landing -> Warsong Hold
[PH] Teleport: Warsong Hold -> Durotar
[PH] Teleport: Warsong Hold -> Vengeance Landing
[PH] Teleport: Westguard -> Valiance Keep
[ph] Undead
[PH] Valentine Boss Perfume Periodic
[UNUSED]And Justice for Thrall: Play Cinematic on Gorehowl w/o Teleport
_JKL Area Trigger Charge Test
_JKL Area Trigger Charge Test <Effect>
_JKL GetVehiclePassengersTargetingTest
_JKL GlobalScriptFunctionsTest
_JKL Guardian Death Bug
_JKL Hat on a cat test
_JKL Hotfix Test - New Spell + Visual
_JKL Mushroom Test
_JKL No Items Test
_JKL Shadowy Blue
_JKL Shadowy Red
_JKL Test Anim State Kit
_JKL Test Item In Spell Cast
_JKL Test Mount Suppress Transform
_JKL Test Possess
_JKL Test Visual
_JKL Transform Suppression Test
+1 Fishing
+1 Mana Tea
+1 Tigereye Brew
+1% Shield Block Value
+10 All Stats