To 'Ghast, Two Curios

To 'Ghast, Two Curios

10 Points

Progress on this achievement is shared account wide.

Unlock any two of the permanent upgrades from Ve'nari.


  • Vessel of Unfortunate Spirits
  • Extradimensional Pockets
  • Encased Riftwalker Essence
  • Animated Levitating Chain
  • Animaflow Stabilizer
  • Soul-Stabilizing Salve
  • Ritual Prism of Fortune
  • Bangle of Seniority
  • Talisman of Destined Defiance
  • Rank Insignia: Acquisitionist
  • Possibility Matrix
  • Loupe of Unusual Charm
  • Broker Traversal Enhancer


  1. To 'Ghast, Two Curios

  2. 'Ghast Five