Honeyback Hive

A species of bee known for their unusual size. While newcomers to Stormsong Valley, they quickly made their presence known to adventurers and insect enthusiasts alike.

Reputation Spillover

100% of earned reputation will go to the other Battle for Azeroth factions (Zandalari Empire, Zandalari Dinosaurs, Talanji's Expedition, The Honorbound, Voldunai, 7th Legion, Proudmoore Admiralty, Order of Embers, Storm's Wake, Tortollan Seekers, Champions of Azeroth, Dino Training - Pterrodax, Dino Training - Direhorn, The Unshackled, The Unshackled (Paragon), Hunter Akana, Farseer Ori, Bladesman Inowari, Zandalari Empire (Paragon), Proudmoore Admiralty (Paragon), Talanji's Expedition (Paragon), Storm's Wake (Paragon), Voldunai (Paragon), Order of Embers (Paragon), 7th Legion (Paragon), The Honorbound (Paragon), Champions of Azeroth (Paragon), Tortollan Seekers (Paragon), Poen Gillbrack, Neri Sharpfin, Vim Brineheart, Rustbolt Resistance, Rustbolt Resistance (Paragon), Waveblade Ankoan, Waveblade Ankoan (Paragon), Rajani, Rajani (Paragon), Uldum Accord, Uldum Accord (Paragon), Aqir Hatchling) until Hated.