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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
A Rare Flower

A rare lily grows in the waters of Talador. Our alchemists say it is many times more efficient than frostweed.

100Alchemy2× 20 4 hrs1500× 2
Beasts in the Jungle

Kill the beasts in the jungle.

90Alchemy3 8 sec100
Frosty Potions

A scout has located a cache of Thunderlord potions frozen in the snow. Recovering them will allow your alchemists to learn about the ingredients of Draenor.

90Alchemy1× 10 30 min100
Herb Infused

A monstrous beast roams the Murkbog. Our alchemists say they can harvest it for a bounty of alchemy supplies.

100Alchemy3× 20 6 hrs1500× 3
Ogre Remedies

Bladespire ogres on the Burning Glacier usually carry packs of supplies when they venture out into the dunes of Frostfire. They may contain new types of potions.

90Alchemy1× 10 30 min100
Powdered Gronnling

Gronnling bones have been discovered in the cavern behind the garrison. Your alchemists are interested in digging them up for research purposes.

90Alchemy1× 10 30 min100