Mangaza's Madness

Mangaza's Madness
Item Level 190
Binds when picked up
Unique-Equipped: Legion Legendary (1)
17 Armor
+40 Intellect
+60 Stamina
+33 Critical Strike (2.16% at L101)
+18 Haste (1.25% at L101)
Equip: Shadow Word: Void:
Increases the maximum number of charges of Shadow Word: Void by 1.
Classes: Priest
Requires Level 101
"Mangaza of the Kaldorei was innovative among his brethen for his dedication to a different form of magic, choosing to assault the mind over the body. Tragically, this method eventually proved maddening to himself in addition to his victims."
Sell Price: 44 15 17
Winnable by the following class specs: