Seal of Necrofantasia

Seal of Necrofantasia
Item Level 910
Binds when picked up
Unique-Equipped: Legion Legendary (1)
+2,010 Stamina
+2,004 Critical Strike (16.03% at L101)
+1,113 Mastery (8.9 at L101)
Prismatic Socket
Equip: Hungering Rune Weapon:
Hungering Rune Weapon gains 1 additional charges and recharges 10% faster.
Classes: Death Knight
Requires Level 101
"Dark whispers from the Twisting Nether suggest that this seal was forged by the Nathrezim before the Third War, and given to one of the scourge's most powerful lieutenants."
Sell Price: 59 57 40
Cannot be destroyed.
Winnable by the following class specs:
Death Knight: