Tattered Pamphlet

Tattered Pamphlet
Item Level 1
Binds when picked up
<Right Click to Read>
Sell Price: 1

This item is no longer available in game.

The pamphlet reads:


The end is approaching, but you and your loved ones can survive with your very own BB!  The Bunker Builder is the latest in gnomish engineering.  Simple to operate, small enough for a mountain ram to carry, the BB can deploy in almost any terrain (see disclaimers).  With the press of a button, the device will tunnel deep underground and hollow out a cozy cavern where you can live in peace.  Each purchase comes with two air fresheners, a rope ladder (see disclaimers), and an operator's manual.

Disclaimers: Not for use in sand, water, or Dalaran.  Deploy rope ladder BEFORE entering the BB tunnel.