Stained Pamphlet

Stained Pamphlet
Item Level 1
Binds when picked up
<Right Click to Read>
Sell Price: 1

The pamphlet reads:


The titans have failed. The Light has failed. Nature, order and the elements have spent their power and been defeated.

Make no mistake. There is no force on Azeroth that can save you. The Burning Legion hurtles ever toward its victory. Therefore, you must look for salvation beyond this flimsy, fleeting illusion of a world.

Seek out the whispers from beyond, as so many of your compatriots already have. Listen to their wisdom, embrace the surety of their purpose, and let go of the lies of what you call "sanity."

Your family, your friends, your kings and commanders-they may not understand what it will take to keep Azeroth free of the Legion.

If they stand in your way, do what you must.