Geti'ikku, Cut of Death

Geti'ikku, Cut of Death
Mythic 10 Warforged
Item Level 440
Binds when picked up
Two Hand
1,114 - 1,858 Damage
Speed 3.60
(412.8 damage per second)
+549 Strength
+999 Stamina
Enchanted: Deadly Navigation
Permanently enchant a weapon to sometimes increase Critical Strike by 69 for 30 sec, stacking up to 5 times. Upon reaching 5 stacks, all stacks are consumed to grant you 830 Critical Strike for 10 sec.
Equip: Your melee attacks have a chance to make the enemy bleed for 0 Physical damage over 12 sec. You are healed for 0 when an enemy dies while bleeding from Geti'ikku. (Approximately 1 procs per minute)
Requires Level 120
Sell Price: 95 64 78
Dropped by King Dazar - Kings' Rest.