Thunderous Echo Vambraces

Thunderous Echo Vambraces
Mythic 14
Item Level 226
Binds when picked up
97 Armor
+46 Strength/Intellect
+84 Stamina
+30 Versatility (0.75% at L60)
+49 Mastery
Enchanted: Shaded Hearthing
Reduces the cooldown on your Hearthstone by 5 minutes.
Your pri and Armor are increased by 1% for each enchantment on your armor, up to 3%.<br/><br/>Upon death your armor anchors your soul, allowing you to fight for an additional 10 sec. During this time, your damage and healing done is reduced by 50% and you cannot receive healing.
+16 Mastery
Requires Level 60
Sell Price: 30 81 59
Dropped by Oryphrion - Spires of Ascension.