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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Ashwalker's Footwraps
111FeetQuest Cloth
Audi's Embroidered Boots
111Feet Retrieving the Goods Cloth
Boots of the Beneficent
111Feet Building a Perimeter Cloth
Shimmering Azure Boots
111Feet Securing the Celestial Ridge Cloth
Boots of Blasphemy
110FeetLooted Cloth
Slippers of the High Priestess
109Feet Deathblow to the Legion Cloth
Gnomish Casting Boots
108Feet Show Them Gnome Mercy! Cloth
Sinister Area 52 Boots
108Feet Breaking Down Netherock Cloth
Darktread Boots
105FeetQuest Cloth
Nether-Empowered Footgear
105Feet Spirit Calling Cloth
Boots of the Specialist
102Feet Corki's Gone Missing Again! Cloth
Ogre Basher's Slippers
102Feet Bleeding Hollow Supply Crates Cloth
Ethereal Boots of the Skystrider
97FeetLooted Cloth
Cushy Cenarion Walkers
93Feet Leader of the Darkcrest Cloth
Shalassi Oracle's Sandals
91Feet Cloth
Marshfang Boots
90FeetQuest Cloth
Ikeyen's Boots
87Feet A Damp, Dark Place Cloth
Mendicant's Slippers
71Feet Taerar Cloth
Snowblind Shoes
69Feet Azuregos Cloth
Deathmist Sandals
60Feet Cloth
Sorcerer's Boots
60Feet Cloth
Rancor Boots
56Feet Cloth
Enumerated Sandals
55FeetLooted Cloth
Archaeologist's Quarry Boots
55Feet Cloth
Boots of Attrition
55Feet Mission Complete Cloth
Sandals of the Shadowsworn
55Feet Cultists at our Doorstep Cloth
Hazecover Boots
54Feet A Little Slime Goes a Long Way Cloth
Archaeologist's Utility Boots
53Feet Roll the Bones Cloth
Everlook Snow Shoes
52Feet Yetiphobia Cloth
Faux Warlock Slippers
52Feet Locked and Loaded Cloth
Faux Warlock Slippers
52Feet Locked and Loaded Cloth
Gnomish Inventor Boots
49Feet Rescue OOX-09/HL! Cloth
Oilfoot Slippers
49Feet Borrowed Bombs Cloth
Oilfoot Slippers
49Feet Slap and Cap Cloth
Slippers of Tribute
47Feet King of the Gordok Cloth
Slippers of Tribute
47Feet King of the Gordok Cloth
Boots of Duress
45Feet Third Sample: Implanted Eggs Cloth
Encarmine Boots
45Feet Cloth
Gnomish Rocket Boots
45FeetCrafted Cloth
Goblin Rocket Boots
45FeetCrafted Cloth
Starion's Slippers
45Feet Behind You! Cloth
Boots of the Maharishi
43Feet Cloth
Blood Waders
42Feet Darkcloud Grimtotem Cloth
Blood Waders
42Feet Darkcloud Grimtotem Cloth
Darkspear Shoes
42Feet Cloth
Slippers of the Lonely Road
41Feet Rough Roads Cloth
Suspicious Slippers
41Feet Back to Crazzle Cloth
Suspicious Slippers
41Feet Back to Riznek Cloth
Hellion Boots
40Feet Cloth
Mantis Boots
40Feet Cloth
Wingborne Boots
39Feet Cloth
Swiftstride Boots
39Feet The Battle Plans Cloth
Footfalls of Memories
38Feet Memories from a Lost Past Cloth
Junglewalker Sandals
37Feet Cloth
Durtfeet Stompers
36Feet Hungry as an Ogre! Cloth
Everlast Boots
36Feet Cloth
Sandals of Tainted Blood
33Feet Dark Vessels Cloth
Sandals of Tainted Blood
33Feet Dark Vessels Cloth
Naralex's Slippers
32Feet The Nightmare Scar Cloth
Sandals of Ritual
31Feet To the Hilt! Cloth
Sandals of Ritual
31Feet To the Hilt! Cloth
Hu'rala's Slippers
29Feet Be Raptor Cloth
Thaalia's Slippers
29Feet Be Raptor Cloth
Slippers of Sorrowful Tidings
28Feet Stromgarde Badges Cloth
Sandals of Satisfaction
27Feet Alina's Reward Cloth
Bloodscalp Sandals
26Feet Sacred to the Bloodscalp Cloth
Junglestrider Sandals
26Feet Headhunting Cloth
Krom'gar Sergeant's Linen Footwraps
26FeetVendor Cloth
Quiet Slippers
26Feet Windshear Mine Cleanup Cloth
Lightheel Boots
25Feet Cloth
Nimbus Boots
25Feet Cloth
Windseeker Boots
25FeetUnobtainable Cloth
Wandering Boots
24Feet Cloth
Kimbra Boots
23Feet Cloth
Rat Stompers
23Feet Cloth
Slippers of the Crescent Moon
23Feet Mistmantle's Revenge Cloth
Ablution Slippers
22Feet That Which Has Risen Cloth
Bloodcup Slippers
22Feet Gurtar's Request Cloth
Merchant Marine Sandals
22Feet Claws from the Deep Cloth
Slippers of Unturned Loyalties
20Feet Cities in Dust Cloth
Ritual Stopper's Slippers
20Feet The Offering to Azshara Cloth
Cryo-Core Attendant's Boots
19Feet Galaen's Fate Cloth
Conspirator's Slippers
17Feet Mutiny, Mon! Cloth
Merger Boots
17Feet Shore Leave Cloth
Sandals of the Neverending Bridge
17Feet Surveying Equipment Cloth
Troll Kickers
17Feet Escape from the Catacombs Cloth
Singed Boots
15Feet Mutual Aid Cloth
Vindicator's Soft Sole Slippers
14Feet I Shoot Magic Into the Darkness Cloth
Watched Watcher's Slippers
14Feet In Time, All Will Be Revealed Cloth
Reconnaissance Boots
14Feet Cloth
Sandcomber Boots
14Feet Cloth
Harvester Boots
13Feet It's Alive! Cloth
Cavalier's Boots
13Feet Cloth
Blade Cultist Slippers
12Feet Skull Rock Cloth
Trogg-Slayer Boots
12Feet Bigger and Uglier Cloth
Treads of the Survivor
11Feet Waiting to Exsanguinate Cloth
Satin Lined Boots
11Feet Warning Fairbreeze Village Cloth
10Feet The Kurken's Hide Cloth
Revitalizing Sandals
10Feet Cloth
Slippers of Mourning
10Feet A Sacred Burial Cloth