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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Ogre Vanquisher's Belt
102Waist The Bladespire Ogres Cloth
Cilice of Suffering
99Waist Helping the Lost Find Their Way Cloth
Consortium Prince's Wrap
97Waist Cloth
Fine Sash
93Waist Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage Cloth
Wastewalker's Sash
93Waist The Rock Flayer Matriarch Cloth
Foreman's Sash
87Waist The Mastermind Cloth
Belt of the Dark Bog
71Waist Ysondre Cloth
Deathmist Belt
65Waist Cloth
Sorcerer's Belt
65Waist Cloth
Virtuous Belt
65Waist Cloth
Zandalar Confessor's Bindings
61Waist Cloth
Enumerated Belt
60WaistLooted Cloth
Brantwood Sash
58Waist Cloth
Turquoise Sash
58Waist Cloth
Valconian Sash
58Waist Cloth
Gourmand's Sash
53Waist You Gotta Have Eggs Cloth
Beach Party Thong
52Waist Drinks on the Rocks Cloth
Gatewatcher Belt
49Waist Ancient Obstacles Cloth
Gatewatcher Belt
49Waist Ancient Obstacles Cloth
Shadowy Belt
47Waist Cloth
Cleansed Shadow Council Belt
46Waist Lord Banehollow Cloth
Hieronymus' Belt
46Waist Return to Blam Cloth
Hieronymus' Belt
46Waist Return to Blam Cloth
Swashbuckler Sash
45WaistUnobtainable Cloth
Scorching Sash
44Waist Cloth
Sash of the Unhonored
43Waist Cloth
Belt of False Promises
42Waist The Ancient Brazier Cloth
Send-Off Belt
42Waist Deliver the Goods Cloth
Send-Off Belt
42Waist Deliver the Goods Cloth
Razzeric's Customized Seatbelt
41WaistUnobtainable Cloth
Teacher's Sash
41WaistUnobtainable Cloth
Caravan Sash
40Waist A Gift For Fiona Cloth
Direhorn Cinch
38Waist Direhorn Raiders Cloth
Cryptkeeper's Belt
36Waist Ambushed! Cloth
Dithering Belt
36Waist Who Needs Cauldrons? Cloth
Lilac Sash
36Waist Cloth
Dark Crystal Waistband
35WaistQuest Cloth
Emblazoned Girdle
32Waist Mystery Solved Cloth
Singleton Sash
31Waist Futile Resistance Cloth
Zykes' Belt
31Waist Stalling the Survey Cloth
Nesingwary's Sash
29Waist Big Game Hunter Cloth
Demon-Trafficker's Belt
28Waist Wanted! Marez Cowl Cloth
Warsong Sash
27Waist Cloth
Belt of Affront
27Waist The Real Threat Cloth
Juju Belt
26Waist A Physical Specimen Cloth
Juju Belt
26Waist Who's a Big Troll? Cloth
Enumerated Wrap
25WaistLooted Cloth
Stardust Belt
25Waist Return to Stardust Cloth
Sister Elsington's Belt
24Waist The Cries of the Dead Cloth
Belt of the Hero
23Waist Heroes of the Horde! Cloth
Fiery Loop
23Waist Return Fire Cloth
Meat Packer Ribbon
22Waist Before You Go... Cloth
Sash of the Blind Princess
22Waist Return the Statuette Cloth
Cincture of Woven Reeds
20Waist Culling the Flutterers Cloth
Grassland Sash
20Waist Cloth
Keyton's Sash
20Waist Muckgill's Flipper or Something... Cloth
Relic Hunter Belt
20Waist Cloth
Joanna's Sash
18Waist Xylem's Asylum Cloth
Wisp-Chaser Cord
18Waist The Seeds of Life Cloth
Painstakingly Crafted Belt
16Waist Samophlange Cloth
Belt of the Second Head
15Waist Korok the Colossus Cloth
Belt of Unsolvable Problems
15WaistQuest Cloth
Captain Sanders' Sash
15Waist Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure Cloth
Foreman Belt
15Waist Cloth
Jackseed Belt
15Waist Cloth
Kessel's Cinch Wrap
15Waist Declaration of Power Cloth
Ranger's Sash
15Waist Curbing the Plague Cloth
Ill-Worn Belt
14Waist Cloth
Laborer's Belt
13Waist Slaves to No One Cloth
Bloodeye Belt
12Waist Crossroads Caravan Pickup Cloth
Standard Issue Airborne Belt
12Waist Dozercism Cloth
Aggra's Sash
11Waist The Heads of the SI:7 Cloth
Crime Scene Tape
11Waist Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me Cloth
Belt of Dark Schemes
10Waist Dark Iron Scheming Cloth
Dirtwood Belt
10Waist Oakenscowl Cloth
Red Linen Sash
10Waist Fine Linen Goods Cloth
Thick Ravager Belt
10Waist Beasts of the Apocalypse! Cloth
Foul Gnoll Belt
9Waist Maggot Eye Cloth
Belt of the Prairie Wolf
8Waist Mazzranache Cloth
Spy Choker Cord
8Waist Infrared = Infradead Cloth
Gold Dust Belt
7Waist Gold Dust Exchange Cloth
Ragged Belt
6Waist Cloth
Thwarter's Belt
6Waist The War of Northwatch Aggression Cloth
Flax Belt
5Waist Recruitment Cloth
Grik'nir's Chilly Belt
5Waist Ice and Fire Cloth
Soggy Rope
5Waist Cloth
Southsea Sash
5Waist Pirate Party Crashers Cloth
Wyrm Sash
5Waist Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle Cloth
Darius' Sash
4Waist By the Skin of His Teeth Cloth
Free Body Belt
4Waist No Tanks! Cloth
Belt of So-Called Leaders
2Waist Give 'em What-For Cloth
Northshire Abbot's Cinch
2Waist Cloth
Art Template Cloth Belt - Cloth_PVPPriest_E_01 - Light
1WaistUnobtainable Cloth
Circle of Suffering
1Waist Cloth
Durability Belt
1Waist Cloth
Cascading Cord
800Waist Fel-Touched Crate of Battlefield Goods Cloth
Fel-Infused Cinch
700WaistLooted Cloth
Warlords Intro Zone PH Cloth Cord
500Waist Cloth
Cord of Bloody Evangelism
440Waist Just for Safekeeping, Of Course Cloth
Scholarly Cord
440Waist Just for Safekeeping, Of Course Cloth