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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Vizier Sash
17879WaistLooted Cloth
Vital Sash
3328WaistLooted Cloth
Vindicator Belt
9361WaistLooted Cloth
Vileweave Sash
810101WaistLooted Cloth
Venomshroud Belt
4843WaistLooted Cloth
Vault-Minder's Cord
810101WaistLooted Cloth
Valconian Sash
58Waist Cloth
Twilight Belt
3631WaistLooted Cloth
Turquoise Sash
58Waist Cloth
Trellised Cord
40087WaistLooted Cloth
Tooth-Marked Girdle
162Waist Crocolisk Mastery: The Ambush Cloth
Thistlefur Belt
3227WaistLooted Cloth
Thick Ravager Belt
10Waist Beasts of the Apocalypse! Cloth
Tethys Sash
15874WaistLooted Cloth
Terrorweave Cinch
810101WaistLooted Cloth
Temporal Scholar's Cord
680101WaistLooted Cloth
Teacher's Sash
41WaistUnobtainable Cloth
Tarantula Silk Sash
2318WaistLooted Cloth
Sweltering Belt
138Waist Rescuing Evanor Cloth
Swashbuckler Sash
45WaistUnobtainable Cloth
Swampwalker Waistband
429Waist Up In Flames Cloth
Swampwalker Cord
429Waist Jung Duk Cloth
Sunscryer Cord
56097WaistLooted Cloth
Sunfrost Waistcord
810101WaistLooted Cloth
Stonecloth Belt
3429WaistLooted Cloth
Stolen Neferset Waistguard
312Waist Ancient Weapons Cloth
Stitched Cord
36483WaistLooted Cloth
Steamburst Waistwrap
528WaistQuest Cloth
Steamburst Cord
525WaistQuest Cloth
Starfire Sash
8759WaistLooted Cloth
Stardust Belt
25Waist Return to Stardust Cloth
Star Belt
4035WaistCrafted Cloth
Standard Issue Airborne Belt
12Waist Dozercism Cloth
Spiritmend Belt
29581WaistCrafted Cloth
Spider Belt
3631WaistCrafted Cloth
Spellsculptor's Cord
2520Waist Cloth
Soulward Cord
680100Waist Cloth
Soulward Cord
680100Waist Cloth
Soulward Cord
680100Waist Cloth
Soulflayer Cord
680Waist Accessories of the Cursed Cloth
Sorcerer Sash
3934WaistLooted Cloth
Snowblind Cord
680Waist Wrathshard Cloth
Slavehandler Belt
9662WaistLooted Cloth
Sister Elsington's Belt
24Waist The Cries of the Dead Cloth
Singleton Sash
31Waist Futile Resistance Cloth
Silver-Thread Sash
2722WaistLooted Cloth
Silkwood Cord
384Waist Attention Cloth
Silksand Girdle
3934WaistLooted Cloth
Silkmasters' Satin Cord
399Waist The Quest for Better Barley Cloth
Shimmering Sash
2217WaistLooted Cloth
Shadowy Belt
47Waist Cloth
Shadowveil Cord
572Waist New Neighbors Cloth
Shadoweave Belt
4439Waist Cloth
Shadow Council Chain
11167WaistLooted Cloth
Seraphic Sash
23280WaistVendor Cloth
Seraphic Cord
23280WaistVendor Cloth
Send-Off Belt
42Waist Deliver the Goods Cloth
Send-Off Belt
42Waist Deliver the Goods Cloth
Seer's Belt
1813WaistLooted, Fished Cloth
Seawitch Cinch
810101WaistLooted Cloth
Seafarer Cinch
138Waist Cloth
Scorching Sash
44Waist Cloth
Sash of the Unhonored
43Waist Cloth
Sash of the Nibbling Plague
146Waist Let Them Not Rise! Cloth
Sash of the Blind Princess
22Waist Return the Statuette Cloth
Sanguine Belt
2520WaistLooted Cloth
Sage's Sash
2924WaistLooted Cloth
Runespeaker's Waistcord
680Waist Shadows in the Mists Cloth
Runespeaker's Cinch
680WaistQuest Cloth
Runecloth Belt
5146WaistCrafted Cloth
Ruinrain Cord
680100Waist Cloth
Ruinrain Cord
680100Waist Cloth
Ruinrain Cord
680100Waist Cloth
Royal Sash
4439WaistLooted Cloth
Roggthread Cord
810101WaistLooted Cloth
Riven Priesthood Sash
810101WaistLooted Cloth
Ritual Belt
1914WaistLooted Cloth
Resplendent Belt
5853WaistLooted Cloth
Resilient Cord
3025WaistLooted Cloth
Repurposed Twilight Girdle
272Waist In the Rear With the Gear Cloth
Relic Hunter Belt
20Waist Cloth
Regal Sash
4035WaistLooted Cloth
Reed Cord
37784WaistLooted Cloth
Red Linen Sash
10Waist Fine Linen Goods Cloth
Razzeric's Customized Seatbelt
41WaistUnobtainable Cloth
Ravendown Cord
54996WaistLooted Cloth
Rat Cloth Belt
1510WaistLooted Cloth
Ranger's Sash
15Waist Curbing the Plague Cloth
Raincaller Cord
2823WaistLooted Cloth
QR IC32 Cloth Spell Waist3 - PH
174Waist Cloth
Path-Cutter's Cord
154Waist Mr. Floppy's Perilous Adventure Cloth
Painstakingly Crafted Belt
16Waist Samophlange Cloth
Pagan Belt
2116WaistLooted Cloth
Outlander's Girdle
8157WaistLooted Cloth
Orunai Cord
52794WaistLooted Cloth
Oracle Belt
16676WaistLooted Cloth
Opulent Belt
5045WaistLooted Cloth
Ogre Vanquisher's Belt
102Waist The Bladespire Ogres Cloth
Nightwind Belt
2722WaistVendor Cloth
Nightvale Waistwrap
680Waist The Farmsteads Cloth