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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Handwraps of Soulwringing
870Hands Trial of Valor: The Once and Future Lord of Shadows Cloth
Nethertether Cord
870Waist Soul Prism of the Illidari Cloth
Netherworld's March Amice
870Shoulders Trial of Valor: The Once and Future Lord of Shadows Cloth
Slippers of the Illidari Crusade
870Feet Soul Prism of the Illidari Cloth
Legionfall Hood
860Head Cloth
Illidari High Lord's Cowl
840HeadQuest Cloth
Defiler's Cord
825Waist Hunter of Night Cloth
Felblaze Handwraps
825Hands Ravencrest's Legacy Cloth
Robes of Elune
825Chest Ravencrest's Legacy Cloth
Vintner's Gloves
825Hands Cloth
Inspector's Leggings
820Legs Cloth
Pretty Silk Gloves
820Hands Time to Collect Cloth
Rax's Silk Pajama Bottoms
820Legs Time to Collect Cloth
Cloak of the Everliving Keeper
800Back Arcane Thirst Back
Earthguard Handwraps
800Hands The Hammer of Khaz'goroth Cloth
Shaladrassil Vestments
800Chest The Tears of Elune Cloth
Valor-Bound Trousers
800Legs The Aegis of Aggramar Cloth
Waistband of the Hatecoil Oracles
800Waist Eye of Azshara: The Tidestone of Golganneth Cloth
Gloves of the Arcane Purge
700Hands Hiding in the Stacks Cloth
Amice of Steadfast Allies
680Shoulders Bringer of the Light Cloth
Cloak of the Greywatch
680Back Fate of the Queen's Reprisal Back
Curseheart's Cowl
680Head A New Life for Undeath Cloth
Footwraps of the Receding Nightmare
680Feet Darkheart Thicket: Enter the Nightmare Cloth
Goliath Wraps of Hridmogir
680Hands Wings of Liberty Cloth
Helbreaker Amice
680Shoulders Maw of Souls: Piercing the Mists Cloth
High Parson's Slippers
680Feet Muck-Covered Shoes Cloth
Leywalker Halo
680Head The Nightborne Prince Cloth
Leywalker Handwraps
680Hands Feasting on the Dragon Cloth
Leywalker Robe
680Chest Feasting on the Dragon Cloth
Leywalker Waistwrap
680Waist The Prince is Going Down Cloth
Leywalker Wristwraps
680Wrists The Nightborne Prince Cloth
Nar'thalas Protector's Cape
680Back Nar'thalas Still Suffers Back
Nightvale Cowl
680Head Entangled Dreams Cloth
Nightvale Footwraps
680FeetLooted, Quest Cloth
Nightvale Mantle
680Shoulders To Old Friends Cloth
Nightvale Robe
680Chest Entangled Dreams Cloth
Pufferfish Demolition Greaves
680Legs Oh, the Clawdacity! Cloth
Ravencourt Liberator Amice
680Shoulders Cloth
Royal Apothecary Drape
680Back Fate of the Queen's Reprisal Back
Royal Apothecary Robe
680Chest Fate of the Queen's Reprisal Cloth
Runespeaker's Crown
680Head Cloth
Runespeaker's Leggings
680Legs Cloth
Shadowsong Vengeance Corona
680Head Cloth
Slime-Stacked Shoulderpads
680Shoulders Oh, the Clawdacity! Cloth
Snowblind Cowl
680Head The Three Cloth
Snowblind Footwraps
680Feet The Three Cloth
Snowblind Helm
680Head The Underking Cloth
Snowblind Mantle
680Shoulders The Underking Cloth
Snowblind Vestments
680Chest Can't Hold a Candle To You Cloth
Snowblind Waistwrap
680Waist Demon Detainment Cloth
Stormwind Clergy Vestments
680Chest Fate of the Queen's Reprisal Cloth
Stylish Gilnean Collar
680Head Ending the New Beginning Cloth
Thorignir Punisher Spaulders
680Shoulders Wings of Liberty Cloth
Violet Guardian's Corona
680Head Assault on Violet Hold: Purple Pain Cloth
Voras' Silk Drape
680BackLooted, Vendor Back
Whitewater Safety Blanket
680Back Moozy's Adventure Back
Wristwraps of the Grieving Prophet
680Wrists Bringer of the Light Cloth
7th Legion Battlemage Amice
680Shoulders Greymane's Gambit Cloth
7th Legion Battlemage Wraps
680Wrists Greymane's Gambit Cloth
Academy Cord
680Waist Hit the Books Cloth
Adventurer's Excellent Circlet
680Head They Have A Pitlord Cloth
Black Rose Amice
680Shoulders The Splintered Fleet Cloth
Black Rose Hood
680Head A Grim Trophy Cloth
Black Rose Wristwraps
680Wrists The Splintered Fleet Cloth
Blackfeather Handwraps
680HandsQuest Cloth
Cape of Azure Fury
680Back Saving Stellagosa Back
Charged Stormwing Robes
680ChestQuest Cloth
Combatant's Halo
680Head Round 1, Fight! Cloth
Cuffs of Unrelenting Anguish
680Wrists The Nightmare Lord Cloth
Deep Squatter's Sash
680Waist Guhruhlruhlruh Cloth
Demon Warding Halo
680Head Reignite the Wards Cloth
Drape of the Undying Raider
680Back To Light the Way Back
Earthmender's Pantaloons
680Legs Nobundo's Last Stand Cloth
Electrified Stormwing Cord
680WaistQuest Cloth
Farseeker Drape
680Back Maiev's Trail Back
Footwraps of the Blightcaller
680Feet A Grim Trophy Cloth
Galeborn's Oiled Cloak
680BackQuest Back
Gilnean Fleece Pantaloons
680Legs Making the World Safe for Profit Cloth
Highmountain Trueshot Cape
680Back Huln's War - The Nathrezim Back
Lead-Studded Robes
680Chest Scout It Out Cloth
Leywalker Amice
680Shoulders Round 1, Fight! Cloth
Leywalker Aurora
680Head They Came From the Sea Cloth
Leywalker Bracers
680Wrists The Headmistress' Keys Cloth
Leywalker Cord
680Waist They Came From the Sea Cloth
Leywalker Gloves
680Hands Their Dying Breaths Cloth
Leywalker Leggings
680Legs Our Very Bones Cloth
Leywalker Mantle
680Shoulders Cloth
Leywalker Pants
680Legs Save Yourself Cloth
Leywalker Shoes
680Feet The Scythe of Souls Cloth
Leywalker Treads
680Feet Save Yourself Cloth
Leywalker Vestment
680Chest Cloth
Lorna's Bracelet
680Wrists Cut Out the Heart Cloth
Nightfallen Mantle
680Shoulders Runas the Shamed Cloth
Nightvale Cord
680Waist Totemic Call Cloth
Nightvale Gloves
680Hands Totemic Call Cloth
Nightvale Handwraps
680Hands The Farmsteads Cloth
Nightvale Leggings
680Legs Spread Your Lunarwings and Fly Cloth
Nightvale Sandals
680Feet Spread Your Lunarwings and Fly Cloth
Nightvale Waistwrap
680Waist The Farmsteads Cloth
Nightvale Wristwraps
680Wrists Maiev's Trail Cloth