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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Alighted Boots
22Feet Keep the Fires Burning Leather
Faithful Treads
22Feet Gurtar's Request Leather
Merchant Marine Boots
22Feet Claws from the Deep Leather
Merchant Marine Waders
22Feet Claws from the Deep Leather
Somber Treads
22Feet That Which Has Risen Leather
Cobrahn's Boots
21Feet Cleansing the Caverns Leather
Sandals of Sacrifice
21Feet Sweet, Merciless Revenge Leather
Sandals of Sacrifice
21Feet Fury of the Pack Leather
Awesome Boots
21Feet Do it for Twinkles Leather
Buckled Boots
21Feet Leather
Blackwood Boots
19Feet The Defiler Leather
Shadowhide Boots
19Feet Shadowhide Extinction Leather
Technician's Boots
19Feet Galaen's Fate Leather
Treacherous Treads
19Feet The Grand Magus Doane Leather
"Bear" Hide Boots
18Feet A Wolf in Bear's Clothing Leather
Asylum Shoes
18Feet Xylem's Asylum Leather
Black Whelp Boots
18Feet Leather
Glued Feather Boots
18Feet Shear Will Leather
Rambling Boots
18Feet Leather
Smart Shoes
18Feet It's Gotta be the Horn Leather
Troll Kickers
17Feet Escape from the Catacombs Leather
Clean Room Boots
16Feet Samophlange Leather
Waptor Skin Boots
16Feet Waptor Twapping Leather
Silver Embossed Boots
15Feet Disturbing Connections Leather
Boots of the Prolific Sire
15Feet Still Assessing the Threat Leather
Doody Boots
15FeetQuest Leather
Croc-Skin Boots
14Feet Leather
Padded Running Shoes
14Feet Windrunner Village Leather
Vindicator's Leather Moccasins
14Feet I Shoot Magic Into the Darkness Leather
Fanatical Treads
13Feet The Twilight's Hammer Leather
Sabots of Red Waters
13Feet The Waters Run Red... Leather
Trogg Kickers
13Feet Gathering Idols Leather
Blue-Bloodied Boots
12Feet Betrayal at Tempest's Reach Leather
Boar Hunter's Boots
12Feet The Tortusk Takedown Leather
Boiled Boots
12Feet Westfall Stew Leather
Bottom-Wader Boots
12Feet Mystery of the Sarcen Stone Leather
Demolitionist's Boots
12Feet Good-bye, Sweet Oil Leather
Mossy Boots
12Feet Twice Removed Leather
Cushioned Boots
12Feet Leather
Tiger Hide Boots
12Feet Leather
Grassy Bindings
11Feet The Waters of Teldrassil Leather
Wolf Tender's Boots
11Feet Through Fire and Flames Leather
Dun Morogh Hiking Boots
10Feet Priceless Treasures Leather
Gnollbreaker's Boots
10Feet Riverpaw Gnoll Bounty Leather
Stolen Talrendis Boots
10Feet The Eyes of Ashenvale Leather
Gilnean Trapper's Boots
10Feet Leather
Weather-Worn Boots
10Feet Princess Must Die! Leather
S.B.R.B. Prototype 2
9Feet Zombies vs. Super Booster Rocket Boots Leather
Boots of Brill
9Feet The Grasp Weakens Leather
Boots of the Weary Raider
9Feet It's Raid Night Every Night Leather
Cougar Pelt Boots
8Feet Leather
Moongraze Hide Boots
8Feet The Great Moongraze Hunt Leather
Trackless Sandals
8Feet Supervisor Fizsprocket Leather
Weed Stompers
8Feet Weed Whacker Leather
Zombie Skin Boots
8Feet Graverobbers Leather
Shimmerweed Boots
6Feet The Perfect Stout Leather
Footsteps of the Fallen Friend
5Feet An Ancient Enemy Leather
Soft Leather Boots
5Feet Leather
Steadfast Boots
5Feet By Blood and Ash Leather
Tasseled Shoes
5Feet The Great Bank Heist Leather
Vile Boots
4Feet Vile Familiars Leather
Runner's Boots
2Feet Beating Them Back! Leather
CRobinson Leather Boots
1Feet Leather
Footpad's Shoes
1Feet Leather
Gilnean Footpad's Boots
1Feet Leather
Goblin Thug's Boots
1Feet Leather
Lookout's Shoes
1Feet Leather
Thug Boots
1FeetUnobtainable Leather
Felshroud Boots
700FeetLooted Leather
Treads of Illidari Supremacy
680FeetQuest, Vendor Leather
Treads of Illidari Supremacy
680FeetQuest, Vendor Leather
Illidari Boots
660FeetVendor Leather
Illidari Boots
660FeetVendor Leather
Ruinous Boots
605Feet Savage Crate of Battlefield Goods Leather
Illidari Boots
600Feet Leather
Illidari Boots
600Feet Leather
Warlords Intro Zone PH Leather Boots
500Feet Leather
Firecracker Boots
390FeetLooted Leather
Firecracker Slippers
390Feet Tranquil Satchel of Helpful Goods Leather
Landfall Leather Boots
372Feet Leather
Landfall Moccasins
372Feet Leather
Incendiary Boots
333Feet Rival's Crate of Battlefield Goods Leather
Ravaged Leather Boots
300FeetLooted Leather
Ravaged Leather Slippers
300FeetLooted Leather
Silent-Strider Kneeboots
115Feet Leather
Insurgent's Boots
105Feet Crusader's Crate of Battlefield Goods Leather
Rookie's Boots
43Feet Crate of Battlefield Goods Leather
Tundraspite Boots
10Feet Leather
Boots of Courage
9Feet Evil from the Seas Leather
Summer Shoes
6Feet Missing Mallet Leather
Cracked Leather Boots
5FeetVendor Leather
Dirty Leather Boots
5FeetVendor Leather
Drenched Leather Boots
5FeetVendor Leather
Sun Cured Boots
5FeetVendor Leather
Initiate's Footgear
4Feet Fanning the Flames Leather
Ragged Leather Boots
3FeetLooted Leather
Scraggy Leather Boots
3FeetLooted Leather
Gilnean Novice's Boots
1Feet Leather
Handstitched Leather Boots
83FeetCrafted Leather
Worn Leather Boots
83FeetLooted Leather