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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Jade Witch Armguards
384Wrists Xiao, the Eater Mail
Isle Watcher's Bracers
810101WristsLooted Mail
Irradiated Faux Croc' Wristguards
29Wrists Zul'Mamwe Mambo Mail
Irradiated Faux Croc' Wristguards
29Wrists Zul'Mamwe Mambo Mail
Ironspine Bracelets
10565WristsLooted Mail
Ironhide Bracers
5045WristsLooted Mail
Impenetrable Bindings
5550WristsLooted Mail
Imbued Infantry Bracers
105WristsLooted Mail
Iceshear Bindings
146WristsQuest Mail
Hulking Bands
2217WristsLooted Mail
Huangtze Scale Armbands
399Wrists Snap Judgment Mail
Hiri'watha Bracers
29581WristsLooted Mail
Hillstride Bracers
680101WristsLooted, Mined Mail
Highperch Bracers
30082WristsLooted Mail
Highland Bracers
51693WristsLooted Mail
Hexed Bracers
26Wrists Mail
Hero's Bracers
5853WristsLooted Mail
Heavy Scorpid Bracers
5146WristsCrafted Mail
Heart-Corruptor Wristguards
22Wrists Pierce Their Heart! Mail
Heartbonded Bracers
2520Wrists Mail
Gwenyth's Wristguards
35Wrists The Shell of Shadra Mail
Gwenyth's Wristguards
35Wrists The Shell of Shadra Mail
Gryphon Mail Bracelets
4742WristsLooted Mail
Grunt's Bracers
1914WristsLooted Mail
Gronnling Bracers
49491WristsLooted Mail
Griefsoul Wristguards
272Wrists A Prayer and a Wing Mail
Greenhorn's Armbands
43Wrists Crate of Battlefield Goods Mail
Green Iron Bracers
3328WristsCrafted Mail
Goldenlink Bracers
111Wrists Securing the Celestial Ridge Mail
Golden Scale Bracers
3732WristsCrafted Mail
Glimmering Mail Bracers
2924WristsLooted Mail
Garmaul Bracers
13067WristsLooted Mail
Galvanized Stormscale Bracers
680101WristsLooted Mail
Fryer Gloves
8Wrists The Biggest Egg Ever Mail
Frostwolf Ringmail Wristguards
512Wrists The Warlord's Guard Mail
Frostscale Bracers
15074WristsCrafted Mail
Frostlink Bracers
48390WristsLooted Mail
Frayfeather Bracers
31885Wrists Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Fox Grove Wristguards
384WristsQuest Mail
Fox Grove Bracers
384Wrists Xiao, the Eater Mail
Fortified Bracers
2419WristsLooted Mail
Forsaken Trooper Armguards
40Wrists Ace in the Hole Mail
Formidable Bracers
4843WristsLooted Mail
Foreboding Bracers
25Wrists Silence of the Dwarves Mail
Flesh-Scaled Bracers
174Wrists Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton Mail
Flame Infused Bindings
138Wrists Drake Hunt Mail
First Responder's Bindings
9Wrists Stranded at the Marsh Mail
Fire-Welded Bracers
30Wrists Mail
Fenclaw Bindings
9662WristsLooted Mail
Fen Strider's Bracer
90Wrists An Unnatural Drought Mail
Felstone Bindings
8458WristsLooted Mail
Fel Iron Chain Bracers
9662WristsCrafted Mail
Feathered Armbands
96Wrists Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike Mail
Farstrider's Cuffs
19Wrists Assault on Zeb'Nowa Mail
Faronaar Chain Bracers
680101WristsLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Fajardo's Bracers
42Wrists With a Little Help... Mail
Faded Forest Ringmail Armbands
37285WristsVendor Mail
Faded Forest Chain Wristguards
37285WristsVendor Mail
Exterminator's Bracers
18Wrists Detonation Mail
Ered'ruin Bracers
810101WristsLooted Mail
Engraved Bracers
5651WristsLooted Mail
Enduring Bracers
3429WristsLooted Mail
Enchanted Bracelets of the Scout
174Wrists The Vile Hold Mail
Ebonhold Wristguards
5247WristsLooted Mail
Earthmover Armbands
429Wrists The Motives of the Mantid Mail
Dusky Bands of Unification
810101WristsLooted Mail
Duracin Bracers
36Wrists Mail
Driver's Chain Bracers
40Wrists Down in the Deeps Mail
Driver's Chain Bracers
40Wrists Down in the Deeps Mail
Dreaming Spirit Wristwraps
414Wrists Resupplying One Keg Mail
Dreadroot Linked Bracers
680101WristsLooted, Gathered Mail
Despondent Spirit Bindings
23Wrists Mistmantle's Revenge Mail
Der'izu Bracer
115Wrists Mail
Der'izu Bracer
10866WristsLooted Mail
Defiant Bracers
300Wrists Mail
Defender Bracers
2217WristsLooted Mail
Deepwild Armguards
399WristsQuest Mail
Deep Moss Bindings
24Wrists For Peat's Sake Mail
Deathweb Bracers
53895WristsLooted Mail
DB61Mail Physical Bracer3
146Wrists Mail
DB56 Mail Healer Bracer2
146Wrists Mail
Dark Ranger Wristguards
680Wrists The Splintered Fleet Mail
Dark Iron Spy-Bands
10Wrists Dark Iron Scheming Mail
Curse Breaker's Bindings
24Wrists Cry For The Moon Mail
Cuffs of Invention
174Wrists Fate of the Titans Mail
Cuffs of Feeling
27Wrists Alina's Reward Mail
Crusader's Armguards
5146WristsLooted Mail
Crown Guard Armbands
41Wrists Rough Roads Mail
Crimson Mail Bracers
111Wrists Building a Perimeter Mail
Cormorant Bracelets
17077WristsLooted Mail
Cold-Iron Armbands
138Wrists Root Causes Mail
Clefthoof Wristguards
105Wrists Clefthoof Mastery Mail
Chillwind Scale Armguards
53Wrists You Gotta Have Eggs Mail
Chief Brigadier Bracers
3732WristsLooted Mail
Chelonian Cuffs
50Wrists Mail
Champion's Bracers
4540WristsLooted Mail
Chain Bracers
2217WristsCrafted Mail
Captured Heart Bindings
35WristsQuest Mail
Captain's Bracers
4035WristsLooted Mail
Capacitance Bands
18Wrists Watch Your Step Mail