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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Mail Caster Leatherworking Helm
18778Head Mail
Mail Melee Leatherworking Bracer
18778Wrists Mail
Mail Melee Leatherworking Chest
18778Chest Mail
Mail Melee Leatherworking Shoulders
18778Shoulders Mail
Nightshock Girdle
18778WaistCrafted Mail
Nightshock Hood
18778HeadCrafted Mail
Razorstrike Breastplate
18778ChestCrafted Mail
Runic Cage Chestpiece
18778ChestLooted Mail
Scavenged Feathery Leggings
18778LegsVendor Mail
Sharkjaw Cap
18778HeadVendor Mail
Spaulders of Grounded Lightning
18778ShouldersVendor Mail
Spaulders of Skillful Maneuvers
18778ShouldersLooted Mail
Stormhide Belt
18778WaistCrafted Mail
Stormhide Crown
18778HeadCrafted Mail
Stormhide Grips
18778HandsCrafted Mail
Stormhide Hauberk
18778ChestCrafted Mail
Stormhide Legguards
18778LegsCrafted Mail
Stormhide Shoulders
18778ShouldersCrafted Mail
Stormhide Stompers
18778FeetCrafted Mail
Stormhide Wristguards
18778WristsCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Belt
18778WaistCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Boots
18778FeetCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Bracers
18778WristsCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Gauntlets
18778HandsCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Hauberk
18778ChestCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Helm
18778HeadCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Leggings
18778LegsCrafted Mail
Swiftarrow Shoulderguards
18778ShouldersCrafted Mail
Tear-Linked Gauntlets
18778HandsLooted Mail
Toothslice Helm
18778HeadVendor Mail
Tornado Cuffs
18778WristsLooted Mail
Treads of Altered History
18778FeetLooted Mail
Virulent Spaulders
18778ShouldersCrafted Mail
Waistband of the Thuzadin
18778WaistLooted Mail
Grips of the Warming Heart
17478HandsLooted, Gathered Mail
Ulduar Bracers
17478WristsLooted Mail
Ulduar Breastplate
17478ChestLooted Mail
Ulduar Gauntlets
17478HandsLooted Mail
Ulduar Girdle
17478WaistLooted Mail
Ulduar Greaves
17478FeetLooted Mail
Ulduar Helm
17478HeadLooted Mail
Ulduar Legguards
17478LegsLooted Mail
Ulduar Shoulderguards
17478ShouldersLooted Mail
Nazferiti Belt
27277WaistLooted Mail
Nazferiti Bracers
27277WristsLooted Mail
Nazferiti Gauntlets
27277HandsLooted Mail
Nazferiti Greaves
27277FeetLooted Mail
Nazferiti Helm
27277HeadLooted Mail
Nazferiti Legguards
27277LegsLooted Mail
Nazferiti Spaulders
27277ShouldersLooted Mail
Nazferiti Vest
27277ChestLooted Mail
Hollow Geode Helm
18377HeadLooted Mail
Linked Armor of the Sphere
18377ChestLooted Mail
17577FeetCrafted Mail
Scaled Icewalkers
17577FeetCrafted Mail
Condor-Bone Chestguard
17077ChestLooted Mail
Cormorant Bracelets
17077WristsLooted Mail
Cormorant Chain Vest
17077ChestLooted Mail
Cormorant Footwraps
17077FeetLooted Mail
Cormorant Gloves
17077HandsLooted Mail
Cormorant Helm
17077HeadLooted Mail
Cormorant Leggings
17077LegsLooted Mail
Cormorant Mantle
17077ShouldersLooted Mail
Cormorant Waistband
17077WaistLooted Mail
Nixod's Chain-Threshed Spaulders
16677ShouldersLooted Mail
Frigid Mail Armor
13277ChestLooted Mail
Frigid Mail Belt
13277WaistLooted Mail
Frigid Mail Boots
13277FeetLooted, Skinned Mail
Frigid Mail Bracers
13277WristsLooted Mail
Frigid Mail Circlet
13277HeadLooted Mail
Frigid Mail Gloves
13277HandsLooted Mail
Frigid Mail Pants
13277LegsLooted Mail
Frigid Mail Shoulderpads
13277ShouldersLooted Mail
Val'kyr Vestments
18376Chest Hildana Deathstealer Mail
Cannibal's Legguards
17976LegsLooted Mail
Hauberk of Totemic Mastery
17976ChestLooted Mail
Dark Frostscale Breastplate
17176ChestCrafted Mail
Dark Nerubian Chestpiece
17176ChestCrafted Mail
Cuttlefish Scale Breastplate
16676ChestVendor Mail
Cuttlefish Tooth Ringmail
16676ChestVendor Mail
Wolvar Armor
16676ChestLooted Mail
Wolvar Belt
16676WaistLooted Mail
Wolvar Bindings
16676WristsLooted Mail
Wolvar Fists
16676HandsLooted Mail
Wolvar Greaves
16676FeetLooted Mail
Wolvar Helmet
16676HeadLooted Mail
Wolvar Legguards
16676LegsLooted Mail
Wolvar Shoulderguards
16676ShouldersLooted Mail
Girdle of Unerring Flight
15876WaistLooted Mail
Dark Frostscale Chestpiece
7676Chest Mail
Boots of the Portal Guardian
17575FeetLooted Mail
Xevozz's Belt
17575WaistLooted Mail
Dark Frostscale Leggings
16775LegsCrafted Mail
Dark Nerubian Leggings
16775LegsCrafted Mail
Mammoth Bindings
16275WristsLooted Mail
Mammoth Boots
16275FeetLooted Mail
Mammoth Chestpiece
16275ChestLooted Mail
Mammoth Fists
16275HandsLooted Mail
Mammoth Girdle
16275WaistLooted Mail
Mammoth Helm
16275HeadLooted Mail